An update on Ginger

Does anyone remember the talk about my dad’s dog, Ginger, who had a cancerous tumor in her mouth, and the vet was suggesting to my dad they remove part of her jaw to prolong her life?  To give a quick reminder, it was January 2008.  They did a biopsy, during which they removed as much of the lump as they could. 

My dad, with input from my brother and me, decided he would wait-and-see.  She was already ten years old (a good age for a Lab) and he didn’t want to disfigure her in a selfish attempt to prolong her life.


It’s coming in on two years since her little lumpectomy.  They never cut off part of her jaw, and never needed to.  The lump never came back.  She’s turning 12 this week, and aside from a little arthritis and hearing loss, is doing pretty well.

Good girl.  🙂

2 responses to “An update on Ginger

  1. When our golden retriever developed a horrible ear infection early in his life, a series of vets had no answers, and for about two years, we cleaned the black gunk — and the blood — from his ears every day with a vinegar solution and cotton balls and some kind of medicine. He was in pain, but he stood there and took it every night. In that time, we spent more than $4,000 on tests and procedures to make it better, and nothing worked. One doc told us we should just remove the whole inner ear, which would be expensive and require a difficult recovery involving drainage and *still might not work*, if you can believe it. We started to wonder if we’d have to put him down, or (more likely) hand him over to a golden organization that could handle the expenses better than we could.

    Then we found a holistic vet who gave him a supplement, identified a possible food allergy, and put him on a raw diet. Infection gone. When it resurfaced briefly a year later, my wife found an inexpensive, natural powder online that finished it off forever.

    Stupid mainsteam vets. So, yeah, go Ginger.

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