No longer counting

Don’t have to wait until Friday.  Not pregnant.  Day 1 for me = never pleasant.  Ugh.

And, I have a meeting with a potential wedding client tonight.  Can’t say I’m physically feeling up to it!

3 responses to “No longer counting

  1. Sorry…but you still have an adventure to look forward to in the Fall.

  2. Sorry… and sorry you feel blah today. I look forward to you keeping me in suspense again.


  3. Well, here I am stopping by on Friday for the news. (Yes, I marked it on my calendar.) I’m disappointed for you that it wasn’t just That Easy… and hate that you got to throw up even without the privilege of pg. Uck, and double uck that EVERYONE got it (since we all know who gets the laundry duty).

    Fingers crossed for months to come. And, oh… I guess bunnies aren’t so closely tied to pregnancy as they used to be (right, that’s how they used to test, decades ago?), but I still kind of chuckled about the bunny-sitting.

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