Am I brain-damaged?!

Still not pregnant.  Slightly frustrated, not sure I want to throw in the towel.  Really would love to have another baby, not sure if it would crush me if I didn’t.  We’ll see what happens.

Pretty settled to go back to school.  The application to my school of choice is nearly complete, and hopefully I won’t have to fulfill too many gen ed requirements in addition to the education coursework.  And, hopefully I’ll get accepted!!  One of my photography clients is actually also a certified business teacher and she thinks the certification is a good move… that the business teachers out there are largely not certified to teach business, so to have that certification is a definite asset in job hunting.  Cool.

So why, when CareerBuilder shot me an email from an old notification I’d set up, of a company looking for an HRIS & HR Metrics Manager (what I did when I worked full-time), did I decide to update and submit my résumé?   Why did I do the phone interview?  And why, when that went really well, did I accept the offer of an in-person interview on Thursday?

It’s a job right in the city, which means a long commute (but at least, one I could do via public transit) but the job sounds interesting, it’s for an interesting company (media & broadcasting type stuff) and I know from the phone interview it would be pretty lucrative — like perhaps making-more-than-my-husband lucrative.

But… I’m pretty set on this going-back-to-school-for-teaching thing.

Ugh, I am my own worst enemy!

At the very least, I’ll go to the interview, and see what happens.  Perhaps I won’t get an offer.   Perhaps the benefits and vacation time won’t be adequate.  Or perhaps I take it, and only work a few months… though I dislike the idea of that, in terms of general honorableness and stuff.


2 responses to “Am I brain-damaged?!

  1. Wow, I wouldn’t say brain-damaged, just exploring possibilities. And once again, you keep us in suspense!

  2. That is awesome!!! Good luck.

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