A minute

I have searched the wides for wisdom,
I have panned the seas for sage.
Never thought that I would find it
On so blank and fresh a page.

In you I have found freedom,
Boldness of spirit and mind.
With you I’ve found boundless joy
Much greater than years left behind.

In you I’ve found my religion
My truth, my essence, my wealth.
I could not’ve dreamt a better tutor
Of life or of love or myself.

So lead on, my wind, my north
Show me fearlessness, show me cunning.
Remind me to gaze at the stars
Dare me to best you at running.

Lead, though you may be frightened
I promise, I’m right at your side.
Lead, though doubt may consume you
I promise, it soon will subside.

Lead on, wise child, lead on.


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