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So far, so OK

Well, it’s like day 3 of Weight Watchers, and despite a belated birthday celebration at the in-laws’ last night, which meant ice cream cake (Carvel, not Cold Stone.  😦  ) I haven’t completely screwed up with the eating yet.  I’ve gone over my daily points allocation so far, but that’s what that weekly bank of extra points is for!   Costco provided lots of bagged salad and baby carrots, and I’m getting back into the groove of label-reading before I impulsively buy anything, and I’m finding that the Points calculator in my brain is still pretty accurate.

One potentially positive outcome might be a better bedtime; most nights I’m still raring to go at midnight.  Tonight, it’s now 12:20 a.m. and I’m downright sleepy.  Perhaps I was fueling my own late nights with too many calories during the day.

I’m feeling sort of blah tonight.  I can’t really put a finger on why.  But blah, nonetheless.  Hopefully tomorrow will be less blah-inducing.