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My kids are so cool

Lane has decided she wants to make a copy of the book Snuggle Puppy.  Which, in my opinion, is not only one of the cutest little books in existence (could those puppies be any cuter??), but also the cutest song ever.  (The song link will download the sample of the mp3 from Amazon; do not fear!!)   So, she’s using red construction paper, re-writing all the words, and drawing her own pictures.

I also decided, because they were on a good sale, to have lobster for dinner.  Supermarket cooked them for me, I steamed them a bit to warm them up at home.  I bought some jumbo shrimp for the kids, under the general precaution of them freaking out at the sight of a giant red bug on my plate and wanting nothing to do with it.  But, cool kids they are, were more than eager to try the lobster, and more than happy to also try the thyme-garlic clarified butter I made, and more than happy to eat ALL my claw meat. 

How did I luck out with such cool kids?


Book meme

Oooh my first meme!!  I have a lovely lady to thank for such an honor.

Much to her chagrin, however, my book will NOT be porn.  Don’t you wish!!

I happen to be reading three books simultaneously right now – The Step Diet, Positive Discipline, and The No-Cry Sleep Solution.  All of which I am too tired to provide linkage to, thanks to a-couple-people-who-shall-remain-nameless letting Jake doze off tonight at 9:30 p.m. when we weren’t at home.  So it is now past 1:00 a.m. and he’s still raring to go. 


Anyway, I’m not at home.  We are in Saratoga Springs visiting some of our best friends in the whole world.  And I’m sitting at their desk, so the book closest to me is Persuasion by Jane Austen.  So, without further ado, Page 123, sentences 5, 6, and 7:

And there was a Mrs. Wallis, at present only known to them by description, as she was in daily expectation of her confinement; but Mr. Elliot spoke of her as ‘a most charming woman, quite worthy of being known in Camden Place’, and as soon as she recovered, they were to be reacquainted.  Sir Walter thought much of Mrs. Wallis; she was said to be an excessively pretty woman, beautiful.  He longed to see her.

Since BeThisWay tagged nearly all the bloggers I know… I am forced to tag Normal Boy, who I barely know.  Go for it, dude.  🙂