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Girl fight!

I started playing around in Facebook, and have come across some old friends.

Most surprising, well, maybe not if I really think about it, has been catching up with one girl, M, that I played basketball with in high school.

M and I were very on-again, off-again friends.  We were both very competitive (though she definitely had more natural talent at basketball than I did), both very hot-headed, and both very fun-loving and somewhat goofy.  When we got along, we got along really well.  When we didn’t get along, we were at each other’s throats.  We had spells where we were inseparable, and periods where we wouldn’t even look at each other — or where we would, but we would shoot daggers with our eyes.  She’s the only girl I’ve ever really gotten in a physical altercation with, catalyzed by living together for a weekend one summer while we attended a basketball clinic.

Now, we both are married, we both have kids (she has a 1 year-old), and we’ve been writing back and forth via Facebook catching up.  We’re finding the traits that fueled our love/hate relationship in high school are the same ones we’ve dealt with becoming mothers — finding those coping mechanisms so as to not terrorize our children with our tempers, mostly.  But other commonalities, too… finding the balance between our professional lives and motherhood, stuff like that.

Honestly, she’s not someone I’d wondered much about since high school, but as we’re catching up, I’m glad we’ve gotten in touch.  I think part of the reason we were at each other’s throats so much in high school was because we were so similar, but maybe a bit crippled by our own immaturities and adolescent attitudes.