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On the confirmation hearings

Two quotes have come out of the hearings that I really appreciate:


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC): “If I had been elected as a senator from South Carolina [in 1955], I would be amazed if I would have had the courage [to support the Brown v. Board of Education ruling].”

I think this is an amazing thing to say.  All at once he shows self-realization of his own personal and political limitations, and the great foresight and courage of the Supreme Court to make the ruling, let alone to just stand by it.  I give him serious props for being so forthright.


Sonia Sotomayor (when repeatedly questioned about her personal stances on hot-button issues like gun rights and same-sex marriage):  “Would you want a judge or nominee who came in here and said, ‘I agree with you, this is unconstitutional,’ before I had a case before me?  I don’t think that’s a justice I can be.”

You go, Sonia.  You go with your awesome, wise Latina self.  I totally heart you.