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Hey… so…

I’ve just been generally unposty. Sorry! And it’s not just here. My family picture blog is painfully neglected, too, and an online message board I frequent of other moms that I’ve been chatting with since before Lane was born probably thinks I fell off the face of the Earth. No real reason for it… just not in the mood to be very verbose.

In me news:

Things are progressing on the purchase of the house next to the in-laws. There was some talk over the last couple days of backing out, due to a festering insect infestation that the current owners were resistant about treating properly, but news that infestations means buyers can have trouble getting mortgages on their property seems to have changed their tune.

I’ve had a couple small electrical type things in my life die over the last week. The first was my cell phone. One minute it was happily in my pocket, the next it was on my in-laws’ driveway during my visit to water their vegetable garden. I didn’t notice it was missing until the next morning, and didn’t find it in their driveway until that afternoon…. after about 12 hours of good, soaking rains. The amazing thing is that after it dried out, it worked at all. The unfortunate thing is that functioning was spotty, it wasn’t keen on staying powered on, and it would press its own “9” button at random, so it would involuntarily save my messages to voice mail when I was trying to listen to them or speed dial Frank at work.  Not necessarily the behavior one looks for in a cell phone.  So I abandoned it after a couple days, and visited my friendly local Verizon Wireless store.  Where I learned, even though I didn’t have insurance on the phone and even it wasn’t yet time for me to get a new phone with renewing my contract, because they gave me 20% off my bill because they think I still work for my old company, they gave me a new phone for free anyway.  Score one for corporate back-scratching.

The other death in the family was of our waffle iron.  Yes, our just-got-it-for-Christmas, super souped-up waffle iron.  We were making waffles … and two came out just fine, and then it just stopped being hot enough.  The next one got to formed-but-white status, and that was it.  We tried turning it on a couple more times, wondering if the cease of proper performance was more just a quirk, or a temporary temper tantrum (perhaps the waffle iron was expressing its own views over the conversation in the kitchen that morning) but alas, it turned out its demise was quite permanent.  Costco happily took back the waffle iron and gave me a merchandise credit.  (They also took back the orchid I bought that there promptly committed suicide the second I brought it home.  I am sticking with this story, as I have another orchid that I have managed to keep alive for over a year.)

Last in news is that we are headed to Sesame Place this weekend, which is a veritable smorgasbord  of fun and adventure if you are a  preschooler.  And, we have one of them!  And a toddler who will certainly enjoy it, too!  And we’re meeting  friends there as well, who have 2 year-old twin girls, so I think we’ll have a good time.


My brain is fried

I spent most of the day researching mortgage rates, filling out forms online, talking to various ‘mortgage specialists’ and getting most of an application done with the company I think we’ll end up getting our loan with.  Within there I also completed and mailed out Mother’s Day cards for my grandmas (I hope they get there on time!) and went to Costco, primarily for milk.  Imagine my dismay when they were out of organic milk.  Well, they weren’t out.  But they have apparently arranged their refrigerated stock such that when they’ve run out of organic milk by 2:30 in the afternoon, they have no way to replenish the stock until the store closes.  Nice.  Oh, Lane and I also planted some flower seeds in the ‘garden’ here, just to see if we can get them to grow into the lush little flowers promised on the outside of the seed packet.  I am skeptical.

I have shifted into parenting survival mode.  This mortgage application stuff is not my cuppa tea.

Luckily I had the forethought to buy a couple slices of pizza at Costco before we left.  Lane and I shared one for lunch when we got home (yeah, lunch at 3:30… but we had a late breakfast and a snack around 1:00).  Then I just shared the second one, cold, with the kids.  And not even cut up nicely… I ripped off a piece for Jake and he walked around noshing on it, and Lane got the remains of the piece after I was done eating off of it.  I’m such an awesome mom some days.

Hopefully after a little while of not thinking about rates and points and origination fees and title searches and bank statements I can regain my brain.  Fingers crossed!

All this, and I get to pay to shop there!

I have a serious love/hate relationship with Costco.

For those of you who don’t have one in your area, Costco is a big warehouse store, akin to Sam’s Club or BJ’s (what WERE they thinking when they picked that name?!?).

Costco, 95% of the time, rocks my world.   They have a 3-pack of 1% organic milk for $7.99.   They have great store-brand diapers.  You can get a roasted whole chicken for $5.  Pineapples are usually $2.99.  The Costco near us also sells gas, which regularly is 20-30¢ cheaper than the other purveyors.  Costco also had big shopping carts, with two kid seats where any other shopping cart I’ve ever come across only has one, thus allowing me to contain both kiddos in full view.  Employees there are generally helpful and friendly and seem to like working there, which upgrades the shopping experience.  Oh, I could go on.  But I won’t because this is probably already getting sort of boring.  So I won’t even get started on the $1.50 giant-hot-dog-and-a-drink meal.

Occasionally Costco irks me.  I dislike the whole concept of paying-for-the-privilege to shop there, or anywhere really.  Note I don’t dislike it enough to let my membership lapse in protest or anything… so I must not mind it too badly.  Then there was the time I wanted to change my address after we moved.   I find, when I have two kids in tow, I get abnormally vexed at anything that wastes my time.  (Like last week in Bed, Bath, & Beyond when the girl forgot to ring in my 20% off coupon and I had to spend extra time there while they adjusted the purchase?  Super vexing!)  Anyway, I wait in the customer service line with both my kids to get my address changed, as I suspected we weren’t getting the coupon books from Costco we’d grown to anticipate and love, and the 14 year-old working customer service informs me that I need proof that my address changed to change my address.  Because, you see, fraudulent folks change their address so that someone else with a different address can be on the account, and then they change the address back once the non-household person comes in to get their membership card.

In theory, yes, I understand how this might be slightly troublesome to Costco.  Like, OMG, someone is trying to defraud you for the PRIVILEGE of shopping in your store and SPENDING MONEY buying the things you sell?  For shame!!  It is vexing to me, however, to stand in line at customer service, two small children in tow and being as cheerful as can be expected to have to be in line doing nothing (i.e. not cheerful at all) and then to have Zitty McOrthodonture tell me he can’t change my address for me because I might be trying to rip off his esteemed employer.  However, if I would just come back with a bank statement or something else with my address on it, then no problem!  (Now normally, yes, my driver’s license would have my address on it… but you assume that Frank and I have actually gotten around to getting new driver’s licenses and re-registering our cars in New York state.  And you would be mistaken.)

Whatever.   I hope he enjoyed his little power trip.

So, with all this high-level security in place, imagine my surprise when Costco must have been notified by the ever-reliable U.S. Postal Service that we had submitted a change-of-address form with them.  And a couple days ago I got a big coupon book in the mail from Costco, with all my beloved coupons, and with my new address on them.


We like waffles. The ‘we’ being me and the hubby, and by all indications Lane and Jake seem to dig them, too. (Oh, the hubby’s name is Frank, if anyone cares.) And after a small temper tantrum on Frank’s part with our last waffle iron that involved him 1) not being able to follow directions and 2) a metal fork, our last waffle iron got 86’ed.

Thus, I conspired to get a new one for Christmas. I had in mind the one I wanted (well, really this is the one I wanted but even I don’t have the cohones to ask for a $200 waffle iron for a Christmas present) and instead of the normal price of $80 it usually sells for, I saw it for $50 at Costco just before Thanksgiving. (Can I also say here that I love Costco?) Being the indirect, passive-aggressive person I am, I promptly got on the phone with my dad, to whom I’d already mentioned my waffle-iron-desires, and said “Hey, I’m in Costco right now, and they have the waffle iron I want for Christmas for $50 when you would pay $80 for it anywhere else. Would you like me to buy it, bring it to Buffalo when we come for Thanksgiving so you can wrap it, and then you can pay me back for it and give it to me for Christmas?” Pleased it saved him one last thing to shop for and that it was saving him $30, my dad heartily agreed.

Wait, did I describe myself as indirect and passive-aggressive? I meant whatever the complete opposite of that would be.

So, I got the waffle iron, and it made the journey home yesterday, and it made its way out of the box today for New Year’s Day Brunch. Let me just say, this thing provides a very pleasant waffle-making experience. It beeps when it’s ready for the batter. It beeps when the waffle’s ready. The waffle practically falls right out of it. The waffle is yummy, even though I sacrilegiously use the “just add water!” pancake mix to make my waffles. (I also add oil, per directions… the directions that conspired with my husband to ruin our last waffle iron.) As an added bonus, the little flip thing you do at the beginning and end of the waffle cooking cycle is just fun.