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Night off

We sort of have the night off tonight.  The kids are staying overnight at the in-laws, as we are CLOSING ON OUR HOUSE TOMORROW.  Can I get a “woo woo”?  I’m too excited for words.  Plus, my mother-in-law is a pretty considerate person when she wants to be, so she got movie tickets for Frank and me to see Mamma Mia.  I think we both probably would have preferred to see The Dark Knight, but a free movie is a free movie so I’m not complaining.  And Mamma Mia was entertaining enough.  Except Pierce Brosnan cannot sing nearly as well as the movie tried to convince you he could.

So we saw the movie, and are now enjoying a romantic evening of sitting on the couch and looking at our corresponding laptops.  Frank’s doing actual work — you know, the stuff that’s buying us that house tomorrow.  I could be doing actual work, like editing some photos I took last month to sell as stock but I apparently would rather blog about gas prices and put a blue clay mask on my face (which startled Frank quite amusingly).  We’re also watching The Daily Show/Colbert Report replays.  I do think this is my favorite hour of TV, even when Big Love is in season.

Tomorrow morning, we have to hit the bank and completely drain our savings account to pay our down payment and closing costs.  Maybe I’ll make Frank do that and I’ll go to the gym.  Then lunch with the in-laws and kids, then we’ll walk next door to our NEW HOUSE and do the walk-through, then go to the closing.  AND THEN, HAVE I MENTIONED, WE WILL BE HOMEOWNERS AGAIN?!?!

Woo woo!


Flying Fishbone

I want to tell you about (me and Frank’s? Frank’s and my?) our date in Aruba.

Nothing too exciting, out to dinner, and then to a casino to play with some comped chips we were given for sitting through a timeshare presentation.

But the dinner itself was quite special.

We went to a restaurant called The Flying Fishbone – you must click the link.  Yes, that is the ocean.  Yes, those are tables right in the water.  Yes, it was every bit as amazing as you might imagine, to sit and take in some fine dining with your feet in the sand (because if you’re smart you wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off – even the waitstaff was all in flip-flops or just barefoot altogether).  We ate there after dark and it was enchanting.  We had the sound of the ocean, the lights of boats sailing by and the glow of Oranjestad in the distance.  A musician meandered among the tables playing smooth-jazz versions of Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole songs on a tenor saxophone.  You’re completely outside, not an awning in sight… just the stars and moon as your shelter.  Since Aruba never really gets below like 72 degrees at night, and there’s always a breeze, it was comfortable even at nearly 10 pm when we were paying our bill.

We had some yummy and very alcoholic drinks, shared a delicious crock of creamy corn soup with chunks of crab, then enjoyed our chosen entrees (I had shrimp and lobster, Frank had barracuda) and during the leisurely pace of the whole meal, talked about stuff we simply don’t have the time or energy to talk about on an everyday basis — stuff we might do when we retire, if and when we’ll be adding a third child to the mix, was there any way we could manage to stay on Aruba forever because it is so idyllic.  The food was good – not the best I’ve ever had, to be sure, but very good – yet combined with the amazing, unique, incredible ambiance it made for perhaps the best dining experience of my life.  The total with tip came to like $120, but that was with three drinks, soup, entrees, and a generous tip.  Well worth it, in my humble opinion.

So, two thumbs up.  I hope you’ll get the opportunity to experience it some time!  We left with full bellies, renewed spark, sand between our toes, a lighter pocketbook, and plans to definitely do it again.

Life happens, sometimes

I haven’t been writing the last couple (few?) days, and it’s not from lack of desire.  Life has just been busy!  There’s been lots of running around and playing with offspring and dinners at the in-laws’ and Frank and I actually went on a date on Friday.  It’s been months.

And, to my amazement, I went on a run Saturday morning and didn’t die.  Now, please keep in mind that for me, running is not “running”.  Running is intermittent jogging and walking.  But I like doing it and it makes me dodge that feeling of inertia you get when you don’t exercise for awhile.  I prefer to do it outside, but I’m sort of wussy when it comes to weather, so if it’s too cold, or too wet, or too windy, I won’t be out there.  I totally enjoy running on a treadmill but since right now I don’t have a gym membership, and don’t have a treadmill, that hasn’t happened since October when I did have a gym membership.  We have a gym picked out, and/or once we’re in a house we’ll probably buy a treadmill.  But I ran, honestly for the first time since October.  Egads.  I’ve started the last couple springs with the idea that I want to be able to run a 5K.  Three springs ago, I started out decently enough, and then got three different really bad colds right in a row and that sort of took the wind out of my sails.  Two springs ago, I ran for a couple weeks and couldn’t figure out why I was sucking wind so badly… and then I took a pregnancy test.  Jacob’s pregnancy had me sucking wind if I just looked at a flight of stairs, so any sort of serious working out made me feel lightheaded and ill so that didn’t happen.  Last spring I did pretty well.  I didn’t get to 5K levels, but I was able to increase the jogging intervals from 30 seconds apiece at the start of the spring to 5 minutes at a stretch by the time October and the total life upheaval came about.  Hopefully, I’ll find a way to stick with it again, and maybe push myself even more.  Again, I’d love to run in an honest-to-goodness 5K race, and actually run the whole thing.  Someday!!!

The running got started with me when I stumbled across this training plan, called the Couch-to-5K plan.  It is sooo for me.  I did find that I needed more than a week at each level, so I spent 2-3 weeks at each “week” until I was doing 5 minutes at a time.  Hopefully with a gym membership here, and/or a treadmill, plus the resolve to get outside to run whenever I can, I can get to a point where the idea of running in an actual race won’t seem so daunting.

In other news, Jake’s language has started happening.  Up until now, his communication has pretty much centered around our dog.  He would say “Duh” for dog, and if he saw a dog, or heard a dog, or played with a stuffed dog, he would go “woo woo” which was him barking like a dog.  In the last couple of days he’s gotten the hang of signing “milk” when he wants to nurse, and has also started saying “mum mum” for me, and “ba” for ball.  He may have also said “car” too but it only happened once and I couldn’t get him to repeat it.