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Plum dumplings?

We had dinner at our in-laws’ tonight, because MIL was planning a plum dumpling dinner and talked about it like it was the Best Thing Ever.  I’m not sure if it’s a Czech thing specifically, or maybe a more general eastern European thing.

Has anyone ever had this?

Let me describe:

It seems you take full plums (pits included, though I suppose they aren’t requisite if you were so inclined to remove them), wrap them in some sort of pastry dough, then I’m guessing they were steamed.  You put these on your plate, top them with some sort of shredded semi-soft cheese (I didn’t ask what it was for fear it was made from something ungodly), melted butter, and either granulated or powdered sugar (your choice).

And this is dinner.

They made a modified version for my husband which had jam inside instead of whole plums, because Frank is generally loathe to eat cooked fruit.  He makes an exuberant exception for my apple pie, wise man he is.

Anyway, these people were gaga over it.  Me and the kids, not so much.  I thought it tasted decent enough, but I was sick of eating it before I’d eaten more than a snack’s worth.  We came back to our house and topped it off with dino-chicken nuggets and french fries.

The return of the family dinner

As mentioned previously, my husband is an actuary.  Worse, he’s still sort of an underling actuary, so he does a lot of work.  And he does a lot of studying.  And he’s a night owl, so he doesn’t get into work until 9:30 or so every day, which means it’s rare for him to walk in the door at night before 8:00.  Often he’s home to help with bedtime, but not often enough.  So more often than not the kids and I eat dinner before he gets home, and he reheats leftovers.

I know part of the issue is that he’s a workhorse and he likes working and not necessarily that he always NEEDS to be there late every day, so I asked him if we could decide on two days where he would try his best to get home by 7:30 or earlier, so that I could plan a dinner to be ready at 7:30 and we could all eat together.  That’s a little later than the kids are used to eating but I figured with a well-timed snack they could manage.  We agreed on Mondays and Wednesdays for our family dinners.

Well, Monday we both forgot.  Oops.

Yesterday, though, I reminded him, and he got home at 7:40.  I’ll take it for now.  We all sat together at the kitchen table and ate baked ziti, and had real conversation and stuff.   And he even did the dishes afterwards!  I’ll definitely take that. Hopefully it’s a practice we can keep up with, and who knows, maybe he’ll find he likes being home with his family and he’ll manage to make it home earlier and more often.

Or maybe we’ll drive him nuts and drive him away.  But I hope not.

TGIF on Wednesday

I’m going out tonight. With other adult women. Without kids.

I can barely remember ever doing this in my lifetime. Oh I’m sure it’s happened. Somehow parenthood has blocked the memories, I guess so that the nights spent at home, with spitup on one shoulder and only one sock on don’t seem quite as pathetic, compared to the fun, more metropolitan life I used to lead.

When we moved here, I joined an online mom’s group, which does playgroups a couple times a week, meetups at places like Chuck E. Cheese and the locally owned indoor playground (and weather permitting, outdoor playgrounds) and a couple times a month, just the moms get together to do something fun.

I’ve been to a few playdates, and most of the women are very nice, a couple I have hit it off with pretty well, and a couple are… tolerable. So I’m braving my first mom’s night out with the group tonight.

And even better — my mother in-law called yesterday to invite us to dinner tonight. They are having venison meatloaf. Oh darn, can’t make it. But Frank and the kids are still going. 😀 And, since they have plans, I can drop the kids off at the in-laws’ before Frank even gets home from work, ensuring I’ll get there on time or even – gasp – a bit early.