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Great “Dog” “Toys”

I happened across this article, which reviews supposedly indestructible dog toys.  They reviewed five, and the cheapest of the lot was $10.49 (and, that one got torn apart by the test dog). 

Bailey, the great dog. Note how she's supervising the snack in my son's hand, ensuring no invading gnomes will snatch it from him. She also gets just as annoyed as I do that my slipcover won't stay in its proper place.

Well, I have a dog.  A great dog.  A golden retriever, who is 80 pounds of love and energy and fun and goofiness and cunning and man does she love her toys.  We have been through many, many, many toys in our day.  And we have found that she can tear the hell out of nearly any toy labelled “indestructible” – the notable exception being just about anything with the Kong name on it…. except she doesn’t like to play with them unless we put treats in them.

However, in our eight years of dog ownership, we’ve made a discovery or two.  A couple of her best, favorite toys aren’t really for dogs… and maybe wouldn’t even be considered toys.  Behold:

1) Frisbees from Old Navy.  They are soft and rubbery, making them very durable and easy on the dog’s mouth when she catches them.  Last time I bought one it was $3.50.  They don’t always have them, but you can usually score them in the late spring or early summer.  They aren’t completely indestructible, but they’re close, and price-wise they beat the hell out of the $10 and $12 frisbees in the dog toy aisle. 

2)  Plain old racquetballs.  My dog can bust a tennis ball in about 15 minutes if she puts her mind to it, but I’ve never ever seen her bust a racquetball.  They are the same size as a tennis ball, not fuzzy so you can wipe them dry, and they literally will last forever.  You can get a tube of 2 for about $3.