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The endless day

I’ll admit, I brought it on myself.

Jake had his one-year shots yesterday, and he woke up a slightly-more-cranky version of himself.  Some snow was forecast, or rain, depending on which minute you looked at the weather, and there are no pressing errands.  So we stayed in today.

Well, Jake the Crankified simply will not nap.  Since he only sleeps about 45 minutes at a stretch, it’s not like the nap itself frees up a ton of time.  But around his refusal to sleep has been literal hours of attempting by me to get him to sleep.   And Lane gets sort of neglected during that time, so I feel bad for that.

And then I discovered that the valve on the old-school Gerber sippy cup that was in his crib had come loose, and the water had leaked all over.  Really, it’s overdue anyway, so I decided to change all the sheets on all the beds and wash pillows and blankets too.

Now, Jake is in his crib, awake and bushy-tailed, and Lane is entertaining him with assorted antics.  I guess I should be happy they are amusing themselves… but really I could stand about 30 minutes of quiet!!

I took out tilapia for dinner, but really my desire to cook is about up there with my desire to saw my own foot off.  Domino’s has their 2-for-1 day today, so as much as it is considered sacrilege to eat Domino’s, really I don’t think their pizza is that bad, and the deal ensures we also have lunch tomorrow.

I just passed gas and Lane asked me what it was.   I tried blaming the dog.  She didn’t believe me.

Just one of those days, I guess.