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My take: Huckabee

Out of nothing more than sheer boredom, and my own desire to organize my feelings about some of the front-running presidential candidates, I thought I would take a little time to babble about each of them over the next few days.

So, Mike Huckabee.

There are certainly some things I like about this guy :

  • I trust him implicitly, which is odd to me. Like most people, I have a knee-jerk distrust of most high-ranking politicians. Maybe getting into my 30s has made me able to relate more to these ‘old people’ who want to be president but I’m finding I trust more of them. Or maybe my brain is atrophying and I’m getting more ignorant and naive. But, I do trust Mike Huckabee that he means was he says and he says what he means, though he does seem, like a crafty politician, just as adept at sidestepping questions, changing the subject, etc. Some of his interactions with Mitt Romney during the recent forum proved that quite well.
  • Fiscally, he’s really ‘out there’ for a Republican. I LOVE that there is finally a candidate that is a proponent of a federal consumption tax. Granted I’m no economist, but everything I learned in my undergrad economics classes tells me that taxing consumption vs. taxing income is just so much more economically sound. A basic economic tenet is that encouraging savings grows investment, which spurs economic growth. If a consumption tax can help discourage the rampant consumer culture we have, and encourage even a small percentage of the population to save more, it will do wonderful things for economic growth in our country. Opponents of a consumption tax say that a consumption tax will just encourage under-the-table transactions, but you know what? Income taxes do the same thing — who didn’t have at least one job in their lives that was paid under-the-table so that you, and your employer, could avoid paying income & employment taxes??
  • That whole weight loss thing? That’s pretty cool.

But then, of course, there is lots of stuff that make me want to run to Canada if this guy’s elected:

So it seems when it comes down to it, I really want to like the guy, but he and I will just have to agree to disagree.

Mike Huckabee, your stance on nearly every issue of importance to me makes me think you are close-minded and rely on only one source for your ‘wisdom’ – The Bible. I know for some people this is favorable, but in my mind it makes you blind, intolerant, and in blatant contradiction to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Our founding fathers were all about guaranteeing freedoms, not about restricting them. Thus, unless Charles Manson wins the Democratic nomination, you will not have my vote in November.