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Parallel universe

We’re watching Bob the Builder right now.  I never knew it until Lane discovered Bob a few months ago, but Bob is voiced by Greg Proops.  It totally cracks me up to listen to, because of his long stint on Whose Line Is It Anyway? I can totally see him in my brain as I hear his voice, riffing on weird British stuff and Clive Anderson and making pervy side comments to the audience.

Speaking of slightly surreal stuff, it was Lane’s first day of preschool today.  The teacher said she was reserved at first and then warmed up stuff toward the end when they started singing songs and stuff.  She didn’t cry or get clingy at all when we dropped her off, I was so proud of her!

The kids also had their checkups this morning (preschool is in the afternoon), Lane’s 4 year-old checkup and Jake’s 18 month checkup.  Jake was theoretically due for his chicken pox vaccine but I’d already postponed it once and the doctor wasn’t very adamant about him getting it any time soon, so we’ll probably just do it before he starts school at some point.  Lane was due for her MMR and I pondered putting it off, but then just decided to do it.  She said her arm hurt for a bit afterwards but by the time we picked her up from school (Frank took the day off today to help with the doctor’s appointment and take Lane to her first day of school) she said her arm was “completely better!”  Hopefully we won’t see any adverse side effects from here.

Anyway, I’d write more but I’m tired.  And I want to get the kids bathed and maybe even in bed before Sarah Palin’s speech.

(Oh and by the way, Mitt Romney — there are other radical and violent people in the world besides people of the Islamic faith.  Frigging bigoted comment.)