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Sesame Place, Day 1

We got to Pennsylvania at about 2:00 p.m.  It was expected to be really rainy, so we’d sort of planned to play the afternoon by ear.  We could maybe go down to Philly and check out the art museum, or a cool children’s museum called the Please Touch Museum.  Or we could take advantage of the hotel pool for the afternoon, or hit the local mall and just stroll around.  Options abounded.  But once we got here, our room was not yet ready, and the rain seemed to be holding off for the afternoon, so since we have season’s passes we headed over to Sesame Place for a couple hours.  The kids got to go on every ‘dry’ ride once, we saw the Abby Cadabby show, and Lane got to hug Zoe and Baby Bear and Grover.  Just a generally smilific afternoon.  (And, let it be noted, you may only use the word “smilific” if you’ve spend the day in a place like Sesame Place.)

Then we came and checked into the hotel around 5:00, met up with Dave & Renee and the twins, who are in the adjoining room, so we got to enjoy a few minutes of toddler & preschooler screeches as they scurried through the adjoining room doors and discover the identical rooms on each side.

Once the novelty of the screeches abated, we headed out to dinner.  In some crazy hallucinogenic state we decided to take the whole crew to TGI Friday’s for dinner.  Yep, four adults and four short people.

Actually, it was good.  Once we sat down.  The restaurant’s promise of a 30 minute wait somehow became nearly 70 minutes, and if you’ve ever tried to entertain four very short people for that long just outside a TGI Friday’s…. well, it ain’t no picnic that’s for darn tootin’.  But once we were inside, we got the kids their food stat, ours came shortly after, we actually enjoyed a bit of adult conversation (smattered with the occasional talking-by-spelling-and-acronyms that seems to happen more as your kids get old enough to hear you speak a hundred words and zero in on the only word you don’t ever want them to repeat, EVER).

After that, we got a quickie dessert a la the McDonald’s drive-thru, and are now on to the oh-so-tantalizing fiasco that is Putting The Kids To Sleep In A Strange Place.  Has anyone figured this out?  Because I sure haven’t.  Right now it is after midnight and both kids are still awake, which on a normal night actually isn’t that obscene for our family, but they were up earlier than normal this morning and had a pretty busy day.  Naturally it doesn’t help that right after dinner, during the three minutes I ran into Target to get a couple snacks and a couple drinks that Frank let Jake fall asleep in the car.  Nor does it help that when I wanted to start bedtime, despite strong suggestions from me that Frank postpone or relocate such activity, that Frank insisted on studying in the room with a light on.  Can you tell I’m trying to pin this all on Frank??!  Well, I am.  I mean, come on.  Help me out a little here, dude.

So a bit ago, I literally threw up my arms in exasperation, gave both kids to Frank, and am sitting here on the hotel’s WiFi writing this and stewing in my own annoyance.  And Frank’s getting frustrated with the whole situation because he’s now personally vested in trying to get them to sleep.  Imagine that.

Assuming any of us get any sleep tonight, tomorrow should be a day filled with rides and water slides and lunch with the Sesame Street characters and hopefully more smilificness and not so much of oh-my-gosh-these-exhausted-kids-are-making-me-craziness.

Hey… so…

I’ve just been generally unposty. Sorry! And it’s not just here. My family picture blog is painfully neglected, too, and an online message board I frequent of other moms that I’ve been chatting with since before Lane was born probably thinks I fell off the face of the Earth. No real reason for it… just not in the mood to be very verbose.

In me news:

Things are progressing on the purchase of the house next to the in-laws. There was some talk over the last couple days of backing out, due to a festering insect infestation that the current owners were resistant about treating properly, but news that infestations means buyers can have trouble getting mortgages on their property seems to have changed their tune.

I’ve had a couple small electrical type things in my life die over the last week. The first was my cell phone. One minute it was happily in my pocket, the next it was on my in-laws’ driveway during my visit to water their vegetable garden. I didn’t notice it was missing until the next morning, and didn’t find it in their driveway until that afternoon…. after about 12 hours of good, soaking rains. The amazing thing is that after it dried out, it worked at all. The unfortunate thing is that functioning was spotty, it wasn’t keen on staying powered on, and it would press its own “9” button at random, so it would involuntarily save my messages to voice mail when I was trying to listen to them or speed dial Frank at work.  Not necessarily the behavior one looks for in a cell phone.  So I abandoned it after a couple days, and visited my friendly local Verizon Wireless store.  Where I learned, even though I didn’t have insurance on the phone and even it wasn’t yet time for me to get a new phone with renewing my contract, because they gave me 20% off my bill because they think I still work for my old company, they gave me a new phone for free anyway.  Score one for corporate back-scratching.

The other death in the family was of our waffle iron.  Yes, our just-got-it-for-Christmas, super souped-up waffle iron.  We were making waffles … and two came out just fine, and then it just stopped being hot enough.  The next one got to formed-but-white status, and that was it.  We tried turning it on a couple more times, wondering if the cease of proper performance was more just a quirk, or a temporary temper tantrum (perhaps the waffle iron was expressing its own views over the conversation in the kitchen that morning) but alas, it turned out its demise was quite permanent.  Costco happily took back the waffle iron and gave me a merchandise credit.  (They also took back the orchid I bought that there promptly committed suicide the second I brought it home.  I am sticking with this story, as I have another orchid that I have managed to keep alive for over a year.)

Last in news is that we are headed to Sesame Place this weekend, which is a veritable smorgasbord  of fun and adventure if you are a  preschooler.  And, we have one of them!  And a toddler who will certainly enjoy it, too!  And we’re meeting  friends there as well, who have 2 year-old twin girls, so I think we’ll have a good time.

TGIF on Wednesday

I’m going out tonight. With other adult women. Without kids.

I can barely remember ever doing this in my lifetime. Oh I’m sure it’s happened. Somehow parenthood has blocked the memories, I guess so that the nights spent at home, with spitup on one shoulder and only one sock on don’t seem quite as pathetic, compared to the fun, more metropolitan life I used to lead.

When we moved here, I joined an online mom’s group, which does playgroups a couple times a week, meetups at places like Chuck E. Cheese and the locally owned indoor playground (and weather permitting, outdoor playgrounds) and a couple times a month, just the moms get together to do something fun.

I’ve been to a few playdates, and most of the women are very nice, a couple I have hit it off with pretty well, and a couple are… tolerable. So I’m braving my first mom’s night out with the group tonight.

And even better — my mother in-law called yesterday to invite us to dinner tonight. They are having venison meatloaf. Oh darn, can’t make it. But Frank and the kids are still going. 😀 And, since they have plans, I can drop the kids off at the in-laws’ before Frank even gets home from work, ensuring I’ll get there on time or even – gasp – a bit early.

It’s been a social weekend

As reported earlier, we had lots of plans this weekend.

Friday night we had dinner at Frank’s aunt & uncle’s house to celebrate his uncle’s 77th birthday. Frank’s parents were also there. It was fun for me because it was enough people to pass around Jake that I didn’t have to supervise him much, but it wasn’t as much fun because when I was supervising him, he was constantly drawn to the oodles of knick-knacks all right at baby level, or the completely open stairs (their house is a raised ranch). But all in all a good time with wonderful people.

Saturday we spent the day in Connecticut, visiting our friends Dave & Renee, and their twins who are nearly two. Their daughters are wicked cute and sweet and are just the right age in between Jake and Lane that Lane could have fun playing with them, and Jake didn’t get bullied by them, mostly, and all of Dave & Renee’s toys were age-appropriate for both my kids. 😀 We had pizza and wings and Mike’s Hard Lemonade and just sat around and played with kids all day. Again, a good time with wonderful people.

Today we went to the in-laws’ for dinner. Frank invariably ends up trying to fix something on their computer for them. Today, it was getting the new record-player-that-also-hooks-to-your-computer, so-you-can-make-MP3s-from-old-records working properly for them. We also had a Candy Land marathon… oh, me and/or my mother-in-law must have played two dozen games with Lane. She loved it though. (For anyone potentially in the market, Target has the Dora the Explorer version of Candy Land at 75% off – or at least they did two days ago. My Target had dozens of them they were trying to offload.)

We’re usually not nearly this social. 🙂 It’s been a really fun weekend, but I’m a little drained. I need to go to bed.

But, I’m like a little kid — we are expected to get quite a bit of snow in these parts, and it’s already started. I love weather. Hopefully it will be voluminous enough and fluffy enough that it will mean lots of play time for Lane and me. Yay!!