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TGIF on Wednesday

I’m going out tonight. With other adult women. Without kids.

I can barely remember ever doing this in my lifetime. Oh I’m sure it’s happened. Somehow parenthood has blocked the memories, I guess so that the nights spent at home, with spitup on one shoulder and only one sock on don’t seem quite as pathetic, compared to the fun, more metropolitan life I used to lead.

When we moved here, I joined an online mom’s group, which does playgroups a couple times a week, meetups at places like Chuck E. Cheese and the locally owned indoor playground (and weather permitting, outdoor playgrounds) and a couple times a month, just the moms get together to do something fun.

I’ve been to a few playdates, and most of the women are very nice, a couple I have hit it off with pretty well, and a couple are… tolerable. So I’m braving my first mom’s night out with the group tonight.

And even better — my mother in-law called yesterday to invite us to dinner tonight. They are having venison meatloaf. Oh darn, can’t make it. But Frank and the kids are still going. 😀 And, since they have plans, I can drop the kids off at the in-laws’ before Frank even gets home from work, ensuring I’ll get there on time or even – gasp – a bit early.