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Halloween was good for something

Yes, I probably spent too much money on costumes they only wore a couple of times.

Yes, the kids walked around in a sugar-induced haze for at least a week afterwards.

Yes, I gained a couple pounds because I ate more of their candy than I care to admit.

But since Halloween, my kids’ manners have improved vastly.  As we trick-or-treated, I made sure that Lane said “Thank you!” to every person who gave her something.  It was like pulling teeth the first few houses (she really really hates talking to people she doesn’t know) but after getting a little practice and hearing me say it and faced with the alternative of “We will just go home now if you don’t say Thank you at the next house” she said it, happily, from there forward.

And, it seems, the practice has stuck.  Lane’s saying ‘thank you’ out of habit now, when she hadn’t before.  We still have to work a little harder on ‘please’, but it’s getting there.

And an even cooler, unexpected bonus is that Jake picked up on it, too!  He surprised me completely a day or two after Halloween when I put his lunch down in front of him by looking up at me, smiling a huge smile, and saying “Tank oooo!”  Oh my gosh, my heart just about melted out of my chest.