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That’s the number of pounds I want to lose by, well, whenever.

37 pounds will put me back at my fighting weight in college, a weight at which I dared to wear a bikini that was not a tankini in public.  I didn’t look like a swimsuit model, but I didn’t look like a stuck pig either.

Granted, having two babies has made my midsection such that I’m not sure I’ll ever wear a bikini-that-is-not-a-tankini in public again.  But whatever.

37 pounds will also put me five pounds below the weight my gestational diabetes nutritionist said I should be at to help avoid ending up with Type II Diabetes later in life.  Really, this is much more my motivation.  My great uncle just had a few toes amputated because of his Type II, I really don’t need to follow in those toe-deficient footsteps.  And don’t let the great-uncle thing fool you, this guy’s not old.  He’s 55.  He was my mom’s uncle, but was two years younger than my mom.  I know, my family’s weird.  I’m over it.

So, 37 pounds.  I’m taking a two-fold approach at this.  First I joined Weight Watchers Online today.   I had some success with the online program before I had Lane, and I lost like 20 pounds.  Thus I know I can work within the program and do well enough without going to the meetings.  The other part of it is that I’m trying to get more active.  I bought myself a good pedometer, and figured out how much I moved on a normal day where I don’t do anything extra, and now I’m trying to add 2,000 steps to that.  Once it’s a bit warmer out, that will mean starting to run again.  Well, “run”, a.k.a. jogging/walking, at least at first.

Anyway… here goes.