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Got this over at mrs macheide and thought it looked challenging.  Yay memes when I can’t sleep!

I am a daughter, a wife, and a mother.
I think Joe Biden is way cooler than Barack Obama.
I know this house will feel like a home someday soon.
I have more pimples than I ever thought I would in my mid-30s.
I wish that I didn’t have to consider whether I actually love my father or not.
I hate ovens that aren’t self-cleaning.
I miss my mom and my grandma Josie.
I fear having to bury one of my children.
I hear night sounds, crickets and such.
I smell Kool-Aid.
I crave more watermelon.
I search for complacency.
I wonder if I will ever feel it.
I regret that we didn’t travel more before we had babies.
I love my life.
I ache in my back because my computer desk right now is actually a couch cushion on my dining room floor.
I am not good at admitting when I am wrong.
I believe everyone is worthy of trust.
I dance not as often as I should.
I sing often and loudly.
I cry more than I care to admit, but always with good reason, good or bad.
I fight less than I should with people I don’t care about and more than I should with people I do.
I win nobly, or at least I try to.
I lose my car keys all the time.
I never bite my toenails.
I always stay up too late.
I confuse birthdays – nearly everyone’s.
I listen but don’t always respond to my daughter’s endless stream of questions.
I can usually be found at the “dinosaur park” on a fairly regular basis.
I am scared of death.
I need to unpack more boxes and paint the living room.
I am happy about the love my kids show each other.
I imagine my daughter’s questions about my mom aren’t going to stop any time soon.
I tag anyone who would like to volunteer.