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Cautionary tale

This feels like my life the last few days.  First the unfortunate bologna consumption.  Then today I, like an idiot, touched the flue for my hot water heater.  Those suckers get HOT.  I now have nice 2nd degree burns on the middle and ring finger of my left hand.  Right on the pads of my finger tips.  What was I thinking?  Apparently, not “Hey, I bet this thing is frickin’ hot.”

Lane witnessed the injury.  My reaction to burning my two fingers on a hot flue pipe is, for reasons that are still not entirely clear, is to jump straight up into the air about two feet.  As I fumbled to get my fingers to cold water, Lane called after me, “Mommy, why did you jump SO HIGH like that?  Wow!”

So now I’m a bit disabled.  Ugh.

On a cute note, Lane and I were in the car yesterday… well, Jake was there too but he doesn’t participate in conversations much yet.  She was talking about the random things that enter a four year-old’s mind when she mentioned how she and Elias (our next door neighbor who is also four) would ride the school bus together next year to the flower garden.  “The flower garden?” I ask.  “Yeah,” she says, “the flower garden at our new school.”  It took a second for my brain to process and then I realized she meant kindergarten.


Don’t mess with Nana Mare!

My grandma got into a fistfight with someone! Can you believe it?!? If you think she looks bad, you should see the other guy (or so she claims).


Really, she tripped and fell in my dad’s driveway.  Jake made a mad dash for the street, and she was closest to him, lunged to try to grab him and lost her balance.  The result:  her forehead and the apron of the driveway had an intimate introduction.  She came away with a very mild concussion, and even though the cut under that bandage was loathe to stop bleeding, she didn’t end up needing any stitches.

She’s got such a good sense of humor about it, which is reassuring since I feel bad — it was my son, after all, who was the conduit for the accident.