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I’m in the car with my kids, and to get from my neighborhood to the “town” part of town, we have to drive down a bit of a hill.  Lane and Jake are going “Whee!” and Lane asks if I can go faster.

“No, honey, that wouldn’t be safe,” I reply.  “If we go too fast, we could get into an accident, and one of us could get hurt really badly or even die.  I wouldn’t want any of us to get hurt.”

Lane says, “Could the baby get hurt?”

“Yep,” I reply.  “If I got hurt badly enough the baby could get hurt too.”

“Or could you die?” Lane asks.

“I could,” I say.  “If another car hit us hard enough I could die.”

“I wouldn’t want you to die,” Lane replies.  “Then we’d be lost.”

My, what a philosophical thing for a six year-old to say, I ponder.  “Well, if anything were to happen to me, Daddy would take very good care of you.”

“Yeah,” she responds, “but first we’d have to find our way home.  We’d have to walk or something.”


Missing: Part 2

So.  At the indirect behest of some friends – not because they told me I should but because I’ve heard them for like, ever, talk about how awesome the A&E Pride & Prejudice miniseries is, I decided to rent it from Netflix.

It came up in the queue, and finally I got both of the discs in the mail.  Well, given we are not the most organized of families, and I don’t have the most airtight brain most days… disc 2 has gone missing.

No fear in me, I watched disc 1 tonight, anyway.  And it’s been good so far!  Disc 1 ends right where Eliza tells off Mr. Darcy after he proposes to her.  My logic going into the whole bright idea of watching disc 1 when disc 2 was MIA was that, well, I didn’t plan to watch disc 2 for a couple days, and certainly with a little gumption I could find disc 2.

Well, I got sucked into disc 1.  I want to watch disc 2 NOW.

However, after over an hour of looking, and putting Frank to work to search with me, we have come up empty-handed.  I know it arrived.  And I have a fleeting memory in my brain of setting it somewhere.  One of those, a-ha! moments, as in “A-ha!  I’ll put this here and I’m sure to remember where it is when I need it later.”  Except now I don’t remember where that brilliant of all places happens to be.

But then I’m thinking maybe that a-ha moment was with disc 1 (which I found right where I knew it would be) and maybe disc 2 got put someplace in a moment of mayhem – the type of mayhem that only two small children can create – and it might not be found for weeks.  Or months.  Or ever.

So, I sit here, feeling impotent at the failings of my own memory, and our general lack of organization.  And really, really just feeling sad and incomplete because I really want to watch the second disc.