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We like waffles. The ‘we’ being me and the hubby, and by all indications Lane and Jake seem to dig them, too. (Oh, the hubby’s name is Frank, if anyone cares.) And after a small temper tantrum on Frank’s part with our last waffle iron that involved him 1) not being able to follow directions and 2) a metal fork, our last waffle iron got 86’ed.

Thus, I conspired to get a new one for Christmas. I had in mind the one I wanted (well, really this is the one I wanted but even I don’t have the cohones to ask for a $200 waffle iron for a Christmas present) and instead of the normal price of $80 it usually sells for, I saw it for $50 at Costco just before Thanksgiving. (Can I also say here that I love Costco?) Being the indirect, passive-aggressive person I am, I promptly got on the phone with my dad, to whom I’d already mentioned my waffle-iron-desires, and said “Hey, I’m in Costco right now, and they have the waffle iron I want for Christmas for $50 when you would pay $80 for it anywhere else. Would you like me to buy it, bring it to Buffalo when we come for Thanksgiving so you can wrap it, and then you can pay me back for it and give it to me for Christmas?” Pleased it saved him one last thing to shop for and that it was saving him $30, my dad heartily agreed.

Wait, did I describe myself as indirect and passive-aggressive? I meant whatever the complete opposite of that would be.

So, I got the waffle iron, and it made the journey home yesterday, and it made its way out of the box today for New Year’s Day Brunch. Let me just say, this thing provides a very pleasant waffle-making experience. It beeps when it’s ready for the batter. It beeps when the waffle’s ready. The waffle practically falls right out of it. The waffle is yummy, even though I sacrilegiously use the “just add water!” pancake mix to make my waffles. (I also add oil, per directions… the directions that conspired with my husband to ruin our last waffle iron.) As an added bonus, the little flip thing you do at the beginning and end of the waffle cooking cycle is just fun.