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I walked, yes indeed

So, the March of Dimes walk was good.  My mom’s group had a whole team signed up, something like 12 women to walk.  Well, as the day grew nearer, that number dwindled… and it was only me and one other mom there walking.  Nice.

But in any event, she was a nice woman, and we had fun walking the 5+ miles that the walk covered.  Had the weather been nice I might have taken the kids and walked with them in our double jogging stroller, but the weather was not very nice so I left them home to sleep.  Probably a good thing, too.  The walk was at 9:00, I was at home by 11:30… and Lane was still sleeping when I got home.  I cannot imagine how this child might sleep once she’s a teenager.

Before the event, there were a bunch of speakers welcoming us to the walk, talking about logistics, and whatnot.  One will stick with me though – a mom, whose daughter had been born 4 months premature.   She described the whole experience, and it was quite moving.  It was a good reminder for why we were all there on a chilly, damp morning.

Final plea

Won’t you please, please, PLEASE sponsor me for the March of Dimes walk?! Think of the babies. You don’t hate babies, do you? DO YOU?!?

A cherry on top, too, if that will help

I’m going to be walking in that March of Dimes event in less than a month.  And only $80 to show for it so far?!!  I know you can all do better than that!

But speaking of which — a big shout out and thanks to Normal Boy and to Cari, for contributing.  Thank you and you both rock!!

If you’re not Normal Boy or Cari — won’t you please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, click on the link over there on the right and toss a few bucks toward the March of Dimes?  They are truly one of the most worthwhile charities ever.

Gratuitous solicitation

Hey all –

So I just finished doing our taxes — one federal, two states, and I’m about as witty as a wet noodle.  But I feel like I have to write SOMETHING!

Thus I will take this opportunity to blatantly beg you all to sponsor me for the March of Dimes walk I will be participating in, in late April.  You may have noticed a link to my sponsor page on the right-hand side of the page here.  I’m walking with a bunch of other women from my Moms’ group, and my personal fundraising goal is $250.  I’ve donated $25 and I dare you to match me!  Though no sweat, if $25 is too steep, I will gladly let you get off with a $5 or $10 donation, too.

March of Dimes is such a worthwhile charity, they do so much good work for babies and prematurity.  While both of my kids were happy to cook to full-term, Frank was born a month prematurely, and our friends who have twins also saw them come into the world early.  One of my mom’s best friends had twins who were born after 28 weeks back in 1979, and unfortunately only one of them survived.

It is a great charity, and worthwhile, and I do hope you’ll sponsor me.  Scroll down the page and give that banner ad for the March of Dimes a click, wontcha?!?

Thanks and good night!