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Casting call

I’m giddy with anticipation.

All the coverage around who Barack Obama may or may not pick for the dozens of positions he needs to fill just has me fidgety.  I tend to be a bit of a political watcher, and I find all this stuff pretty interesting anyway.  It’s been eight years since all this happened with Bush 43, and it was pretty interesting to watch then.  Now, that I’m pretty psyched that ‘my guy’ won, and that he’d already picked the guy I REALLY liked for VP, I’m just super interested to see who he taps for his key positions.  It’s not so much because I’m a political junkie, because I wouldn’t label my level of interest “junkie” level.  I think it’s more because Obama/Biden, and the Secretaries, and the Attorney General, and other key folks will take frequent turns in the spotlight on CNN.com and I’m just interested to see who it will be I’ll be reading about for the next four-to-eight years.  Sort of like a casting call for an unprecedented political TV drama… only the plot lines affect my life on a daily basis.

I really have no point in writing this.  Just that I’m keenly watching it, and it’s fun.

OK, I need to stop babbling.  The problem is, I accidentally left the keys in the ignition of my minivan earlier, in the battery-on position…. yeah, duh, I know.  Then I went to pick Lane up from preschool and, ta da!  Car wouldn’t start.  In-laws weren’t home, friends next door weren’t home, and didn’t have the numbers in my cell phone of anyone else I felt comfortable calling on short notice to beg for help.  So I resorted to the double jogging stroller.  We live about a mile away from Lane’s preschool and I’ve made the trip bipedally before, many time actually.  It’s the only exercise I have gotten lately.  But I didn’t expect to do it today, when it is very cold and windy, and I didn’t expect to have to do it as fast as I had to do it.  But I bundled Jake up to the gills in his snowsuit and a blanket, and off we went.  And I did the 1.2 miles it takes to get from door to door in about 12 minutes, which is by far a personal record for the trek… and pushing 30 pounds in the jogging stroller and in the bitter cold besides.  And for kicks, I jogged some of it on the way home, too.  The funny thing was, when I tried to start the van when we got home, to show Lane how it was broken, the damned thing started right up.  So, it’s running in the driveway, and I’m still feeling short of breath.  Good times.

German engineering for dorks

I am more than just a little giddy that Volkswagen has started making a minivan.  I had a VW Cabrio in grad school/until I had a kid and it was by far the awesomest car I’ve owned.  Now, I’ll concede… before that I drove used Fords, and after that I now drive a Honda Odyssey.  So it’s not like I’ve got tons of comparison cars in my arsenal.  But that was a great car.  Mechanically it barely gave me a problem in the six years I owned it.  It handled beautifully.  It was comfortable, even for a tiny little convertible.  It was a stick shift, and it was definitely the smoothest manual transmission I’ve driven (out of the four or five I have any in-depth experience with). And there were the little things… like the windshield washer reservoir held exactly one gallon of windshield washer fluid, so you didn’t have 1/5 full bottles of washer fluid laying around.

Anyway, the Odyssey is only five years old and I expect to drive it for a few more years.  (Though, it’s the older model, and our neighbors have the newer model, which has a lot of little features I really wish mine had, like a split rear folding seat, a sunroof, and middle windows that roll down… I’m tempted to see how much it would cost to trade my 2003 model for a 2005 model.)  But, when I really and truly am in need of a new minivan (and I LOVE driving a minivan… though I could conceivably switch back to a convertible, I LOVED driving my convertible) I’m really psyched there will be a VW option.  🙂