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In absentia

I’ve been mad busy.

I got myself a little part-time job for the holidays, taking kids’ portraits at a higher-end photo studio. It’s a smallish chain so you may not have heard of it, and I wouldn’t mention the name of the company anyway. They decided to torture me last week and scheduled me for 25 hours spread over six days, and no day has ever ended with me getting out of there exactly on time so I put in closer to 30 hours. Whew.

It’s a fun job. The kids are cute, and the parents are mostly sane. The management leaves something to be desired but it’s not horrendous either. The manager, seeing the MBA on my application, mentioned he was looking for an assistant manager and that maybe it was something we could talk about after the holiday season. Definitely not looking for a full-time gig… but if it’s something I could do working mostly weekends I might be interested. The place definitely needs help. I’m mostly doing it now, though, for fun. The paycheck will be nice and all, but mostly I just wanted to get into an official photo studio and see how they do things, and do some learnin’.

Anyway, there are lots of little things I could write about, but they are all lost in the swirl of busyness of the last couple weeks. So mostly I’m just remembering the kick-ass sweet potatoes I made for T-day, running back and forth in the photo studio, and being outside with the kids today putting up Christmas lights and seeing the cool display of the crescent moon, Jupiter, and Venus all hanging out in the evening sky together.