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Great “Dog” “Toys”

I happened across this article, which reviews supposedly indestructible dog toys.  They reviewed five, and the cheapest of the lot was $10.49 (and, that one got torn apart by the test dog). 

Bailey, the great dog. Note how she's supervising the snack in my son's hand, ensuring no invading gnomes will snatch it from him. She also gets just as annoyed as I do that my slipcover won't stay in its proper place.

Well, I have a dog.  A great dog.  A golden retriever, who is 80 pounds of love and energy and fun and goofiness and cunning and man does she love her toys.  We have been through many, many, many toys in our day.  And we have found that she can tear the hell out of nearly any toy labelled “indestructible” – the notable exception being just about anything with the Kong name on it…. except she doesn’t like to play with them unless we put treats in them.

However, in our eight years of dog ownership, we’ve made a discovery or two.  A couple of her best, favorite toys aren’t really for dogs… and maybe wouldn’t even be considered toys.  Behold:

1) Frisbees from Old Navy.  They are soft and rubbery, making them very durable and easy on the dog’s mouth when she catches them.  Last time I bought one it was $3.50.  They don’t always have them, but you can usually score them in the late spring or early summer.  They aren’t completely indestructible, but they’re close, and price-wise they beat the hell out of the $10 and $12 frisbees in the dog toy aisle. 

2)  Plain old racquetballs.  My dog can bust a tennis ball in about 15 minutes if she puts her mind to it, but I’ve never ever seen her bust a racquetball.  They are the same size as a tennis ball, not fuzzy so you can wipe them dry, and they literally will last forever.  You can get a tube of 2 for about $3.


Bon anniversaire

I turned 32 today.  Much to my surprise… for some reason for most of January I thought I was already 32, and then I did the math.  Duh… so this is what it’s like to be old.

We are celebrating in many festive ways.  Mother Nature decided today was a good day to lay down more snow than we’ve had all winter.  Frank has a veritable booger rave going on in his face (seriously, I think his sinuses are on E), and is running and on-and-off temperature.  Because of that, my birthday festivities, supplied by my in-laws in the form of cooking us dinner and providing cake, were postponed.  Our plumbing joys have returned, bigger and badder than ever.  Flushing the toilet or really using any plumbing is thus off-limits until the plumber gets here tomorrow.   I went to the mall to escape the flu-fest in the house (I didn’t even know about the plumbing until Frank called to give me a status).  Lane managed to walk right into a table in a store and has a good bump on her forehead to show for it.  When I went back to the car the escalator to where we were parked (our mall has underground parking under the mall) was shut off, so I had to negotiate the escalator stairs with two kids and a stroller and various bags, during which my Old Navy bag ripped and vomited all my purchases all over the the stairs.

But there were some highlights.    A nice teenage boy helped me pick up the vomited clothes while the rest of the kids he was with kept Lane from scurrying off.  (Teenage boys being generally nice and doing kind things somehow renews my faith in humanity.)  I got a free birthday gift at Sephora because I’m on their mailing list.  I bought some great stuff for the kids and Frank and me for our upcoming vacation to Aruba in April.  Jake got his first pair of big boy walking shoes, because each day he chooses to walk more and crawl less.  I figure by the time his first birthday rolls around in a week and a half, crawling may more or less be a thing of the past.   He’s pretty sure of himself when he walks, but the new shoes must have felt weird and heavy and he got even more zombie-like in his gait than he normally is.  (I want to groan “BRRRAAAIIINNNSS!” every time he walks.  Sometimes I do, but usually only when nobody else is around.)  Jake also had his first foray into chicken nuggets today for dinner.  He had one and-a-half.  This thrills me to bits because Dino Nuggets, I am somewhat ashamed to admit, are a staple around here, so it opens that as a dining option for him when he won’t eat what I make for dinner.  I also got a Wii from Frank (thank you again, honey!), and I CANNOT WAIT until the kids are asleep so I can hook it up and try it out!!!!

So I didn’t get any cake, but I did have a Frosty at the mall, so that almost makes up for it.  I know my in-laws plan on supplying ice cream cake when we celebrate my birthday after Frank’s well enough to participate in the festivities.  It will probably be a Carvel cake which is totally acceptable, but I hinted that they could also get one from Cold Stone Creamery.  Oh my, if they come through on that one I will be oodles of happy.

So, to tell the whole tale

I’m going to get downright gross here, probably, so avert your eyes if you don’t care for such details. 🙂

(Of course this will be no surprise to SOME people who know me. You know who you are.)

As I mentioned earlier, our water went out earlier. And just about as soon as I realized it, I had to poop.

We live in the same town as my in-laws, so I figured we could quickly scoot over there and make an impromptu visit, and I could take advantage of their pink toilet. (Yes, they have a pink toilet. They have a bright yellow one, too.) My quick plan is, throw the kids in the nearest available coats, strap them into the minivan, and skedaddle over there hastily.

But then I grab Jake to put his coat on him… and he’s got a diaper full of poop. And he hadn’t pooped for three days. And he had blueberries yesterday. I’m not sure if the act of grabbing him did it, or plopping him on my lap, or if it was already like that, but he had poop all out the side of his diaper, practically down to his knee. Somehow this timely surprise didn’t end up on my pants. I carry him at arm’s length into the bathroom, and just deposit him into the tub, since that’s the easiest to clean, and normally I’d just bathe him in such circumstance rather than even attempt to clean him up with wipes.

But there’s no water.

“Lane! Bring me the wipes!”

At this point, knowing the length of time it would take me to get him acceptably clean and the number of wipes I would go through, and just owning that I really don’t want to have to do that while I got a turtle poking his head out of his shell, I just proceeded to do my business in the toilet sans water. I figured the water would come on eventually, and I could keep the door closed in there until it did.

About thirty baby wipes on Jake and a half-dozen sanitizing kitchen clean-up wipes on the bathtub, and an ounce or two of hand sanitizing gel on myself and Jake, and everything and everyone was adequately poop-free and sterilized, save the bath mat and Jake’s clothes. At least I didn’t have to bother the in-laws.

Then. I went to the mall and spent $80 on the biggest haul I have ever had the pleasure of taking out of Old Navy. I cannot believe how much stuff I got for $80. They said the sale is on until Sunday, so go check it out!!

Oh, this isn’t good

Arctic ice-cap melting faster than anyone predicted

This whole climate change really has me freaked out and sad and just feeling so impotent.  So often it feels like the changes that could make any sort of difference are so expensive and lofty and I just don’t want it to all be so hard!

I came across an article that sums up pretty well the feelings.  Basically, there’s a grief process that goes along with accepting climate change.  I feel like I’m right in the middle of it.

But I’m trying, I really am.  We bought reusable grocery bags for shopping, and we buy biodegradable pooper-scooper bags for cleaning up after Bailey, our golden retriever.  Frank’s next car will nearly certainly be a hybrid, assuming we can put off buying a different car for him for at least a couple years and can find a good deal on a used one.

But reading that whole arctic ice-cap thing has me really bummed, especially because I love polar bears.  Who wouldn’t love polar bears?!?  They are fluffy and cute and they could rip your heart out with one swipe of a paw.  They are magnificent.

As you may or may not be aware, polar bears need ice.  Without the Arctic Ocean all frozen and stuff, their hunting territory shrinks.  They cannot hunt.  And they die.

So I am left to wonder — what can I do, TOMORROW, to help the polar bears?  Something small, something fairly effortless, something tangible but without hardship?  Let’s see.  I know, I’ll lower my thermostat.  It’s chilly in these parts, but surely I can survive with my house’s thermostat at 66 tomorrow instead of 68.  If we get cold, we own sweaters.  And I was thinking of going to the mall anyway, as it is the last day of Old Navy’s killer post-holiday 75% off clearance sale, so if we go, I will be sure to lower the thermostat all the way down to 60.

I know it’s small.  I wish it could be bigger.  But I am but one person and for tomorrow, this is my best.