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Not something you hear every day

I was sitting here, contemplating what to write.

My brother, who is here visiting right now, came out from taking a shower and told me, “I really like that peppermint oil body wash you have. My armpits feel invigorated.”

So… now back to my train of thought.

Frank and I started golf lessons last night. Frank’s wanted to start playing for a long time, and I told him if we took lessons together I’d be happy to play with him. The times we’ve tried out trying to hit a golf ball on a driving range, Frank’s had a nasty hook. Or slice. Whichever it is when your golf ball goes seriously way too far right. Frank talked about this fault in his swing as if it were insurmountable, but agreed to go for lessons, doubtful it could ever be corrected.

Well, the golf pro we are taking lessons with had him hitting the ball straight after about ten swings. Insurmountable, indeed.

I hit the ball straight right away. Not that I’m gloating or anything. Frank can hit it farther.

But the instructor did say that Frank and I really both seemed like naturals, and that practice would improve our consistency. It’s always fun to hear that you’re good at something. 🙂