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An open letter from Colin Powell to the Republican party

Dear Sirs and a Madam or two:

There are many in the party who have expressed shock, outrage, disappointment, and feelings of betrayal over my decision to break with Party lines and endorse Senator Barack Obama.  Well, let me tell you, I can sympathize!

You see, a number of years ago, I was given some information and a vial of fake anthrax and asked to plead a case for war in front of the U.N.  I was somewhat dubious, but I was assured that the information and intelligence upon which I was making our plea was solid, and that this was a just and necessary war.  It turned out, you all were full of crap.  Years of war have proven that our primary reason for starting that trillion-dollar mess was based on unsubstantiated intelligence from questionable sources, and nary a weapon of mass destruction has been found.  Oh I know, some of you are claiming all the WMDs hauled ass into Syria, but you’re full of it.  We’ve got dozens of high-tech spy satellites with their eyes trained on that region; if any sort of mass shipment of weapons happened we would have seen it.

You used me.  You used my name and my good reputation in the world to make your case, and it blew up in all our faces.  To say I felt betrayed, disappointed, shocked and outraged is putting it mildly.  I wanted to drop a bus on you frigging people, since you so symbolically dropped one on me, on my good reputation, and on my honor as a soldier and a man.  I was a shining example of nonpartisanship, of leadership, of integrity.  Nearly overnight you made me into another worthless Bush lackey.  Not only that, but I had a pretty good shot at becoming the first black president.  And as a Republican!  It wasn’t something I actively aspired to, but I’ve dedicated my life to service to my country, and had the calls for me to run been compelling and resounding, I would have.  I would have run with honor and sincerity and honesty and I probably would have won, because I’m pretty moderate and cool and the American people frigging loved me.  Now people on the left lump me in as just another chump in the administration, and people on the right… well, some of you have just gone stark raving mad, and while you may like me I really don’t want to have much to do with you.

However, it would be unfair to say I endorsed Barack Obama out of spite.  I hope you know me enough to know that I’m bigger than that.  I mean, let’s just take a look at the guy — he’s got charm, and charisma, and brains, and if I were a woman I would be madly in love with him.  Heck, even as a guy I have a bit of a man-crush on the dude.  He’s a light in the fog these days in a country craving some leadership and calm in a storm of woes.  And it’s not like the guy the Republican party nominated makes me quiver with excitement.  Sure, I like him, the way you like that crazy uncle that mumbles conspiracy theories at Christmas dinner and tells off your grandpa for being a pinko commie who never understood him.

And of course there are the people who are already saying I’m backing him because he’s a brother.  Come on.  I’m the same color as George W. for chrissake, and Obama ain’t much darker.  But if there’s one thing about his outward appearance that sways me, it’s his ears.  I know they look pretty dorky but you know what?  He uses them for more than holding up a frigging cowboy hat.  He listens.  He seeks knowledge and advice and wisdom, and wants you to tell him what he doesn’t know.  That’s a drink of water in the desert, man, especially after so many years of the administration not giving a damn about what I might have to say, and then the American public mostly despising me for helping make the case for war.  Not only is this guy smart enough to take advice, but he’s so awesome and transformational that maybe he can help me regain at least a little of the respect and credibility I lost because of you.

It is certainly fair to say you didn’t exactly make it hard for me to choose which horse I wanted to back.  You eviscerated all the party loyalty I had when you threw my reputation under a bus to further your pet project in Iraq.  So, I may have sounded my own political death knell, but it was frigging worth it, you assholes.


OK, so maybe Gen. Powell didn’t really write that.  But it’s certainly fun for me to imagine him thinking it.


The real Mavericks, God bless ’em

Dontcha know, I just came across this really funny article from the New York Times. I’m pretty sure I knew the term “maverick” came from a real person, but had no idea the Maverick family is such a bunch of staunch liberals. I just wanna give a wink and a shout-out to ’em.

I paraphrase here… but the real Mavericks, active in politics as they have been, have a history of advocation of civil liberties, accusations of Communism thrown at them, and anti-war stances. And their thoughts on McCain wanting to call himself a “Maverick”? Terrellita Maverick says McCain “is in no way a maverick, in uppercase or lowercase.”

You betcha.

VPs for your consideration

I’d said it to my husband before either VP pick was made: for me, the VP pick is so much more important for this election.  McCain’s 72 with a history of melanoma, so while he certainly seems healthy and carts his 90+ year-old mother around the country with him to convince others of his longevity (even though his dad died when he was like 69 or something like that), the chance of his VP needing to step in is a very real possibility.  I think the same goes for Obama.  I hate to even think about it, or feel like I need to think about it, but he’s African-American and there are a lot of very hateful people in this country.  It wouldn’t shock me if he were the subject of a greater-than-average assassination attempt rate.

I do hope as folks, especially undecided folks, consider the choices this fall, that they will really consider the VPs, also.  Their viewpoints, their experience, their politics, their integrity.  Maybe you like Sarah Palin better, or maybe you think Joe Biden holds the advantage.  Either way, whoever wins, I think we stand a more-than-minuscule chance of seeing one of these VPs needing to step in for the President, and maybe not too far into the future.  I hope, if you’re undecided, you’ll watch that VP debate with great interest this election; I feel like it’s a much more significant part of the choice for this race than it has been in the past few elections.

Ralph Nader, WTF?!

Seriously, Nader, WTF is wrong with you?

I’m not in any sort of disagreement that his previous life as a consumer advocate was noble, and he did lots of good.  Many people admire him for that, and I do, too.  Though he did help found OSHA, which while I personally think is a good thing, there’s lots of people who would disagree with me vehemently.

And, frankly, I don’t disagree with him much on his economic and politics.  Sure there’s some things we don’t see eye to eye on, but that happens with any two individuals.

But Ralph Nader, why are you doing this?  First of all, you’re 73.  My in-laws are 71 and in great health, and they have trouble committing to a one-year magazine subscription.  John McCain is also 71, and before he was even the front-runner the news continually brought up his age as a factor.  News flash, Ralph.  You’re older than him!  If you were to be elected, fat chance in hell that may be, you’d be 78 by the time your term was over.  And then re-elected?  That puts you at 82.  Come on – wouldn’t you rather spend your golden years playing golf?  Or is the problem simply that you’ve chosen work over personal life for so long, you simply lack the personal and social skills to enjoy any recreational pursuits?  Won’t that make you the life of the international summits!

Second and perhaps more importantly — you may dislike the Democratic front-runners, but do you like John McCain more?  Are you secretly a Republican at heart?  Your entry into the race promises to do nothing but siphon support away from the Democratic fringe.

I have to say, the very idea of you running yet again just smacks of vanity.  It reeks of desperation to cement your place in the history books.  You can’t believe it’s because you think you have a chance at winning, because you don’t.  Maybe you like the idea of being a spoiler again, like you were in 2000, and that’s just selfish on a monumental scale.  That’s basically screwing with the future of an entire nation so you can feel grandiose and influential and important.  I’m sure part of it is your real belief that you don’t like the candidates running, that the two-party system is flawed, yadda yadda.  Well, idealism sure is admirable to a certain extent.  My younger brother still is very idealistic and on a 25 year-old, it’s encouraging to see.  But as experienced as you are, and after the life you’ve lived, that sort of blind idealism is annoying and borderline pathetic.  Perhaps if you would get out of the way, someone without the political baggage and without one foot in the grave can do the work to change the world you’d like to see.

Really, I wish Tim Russert would have smacked you upside the head this morning.