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So, hi!

Right about last Wednesday, I decided we should all pack up on Friday and go to Buffalo and visit my family for a long weekend.

A bunch of stuff has happened in the last few days, nothing hugely groundbreaking, but mostly interesting.

I watched part 2 of Pride & Prejudice.  I enjoyed it a lot.  My BFF Amanda constantly soaks her panties thinking about Colin Firth in this movie, and yes, he was dashing.  Though… sorry Manda.  Just not panty-soaking-dashing for me.  But I can see why he would be for someone else, even if I can’t experience it first hand.  This was probably good, because I watched part 2 in the car on the way to Buffalo and since my minivan has leather seats, I didn’t have to worry about sliding off of them.

I was offered some work on – I think it was Thursday.  And, I accepted.  My old boss called to see if I would want to take on some once-a-quarter work that needs to urgently get done each quarter but is time-consuming for the full-time staff and nobody wants to do it anyway.  It would be about a week’s worth of work every 3 months, and the hourly pay is more than I was making when I was full-time.  It was really a no-brainer, and it is an excellent excuse to buy the laptop I’ve wanted to buy but had little justification of the expense.  Ahh, justification!

The visit to Buffalo was good.  My dad goes on these weird whims and this weekend was no exception.  We discovered he’s thinking of moving.  These seems to be partially fueled by his general and ongoing overwhelmed state for upkeep of the small 3 bedroom house we grew up in, and partially by the fact that “black people” have moved into the house next door.  Though according to all accounts the new neighbors are friendly and quiet and just generally good neighbors so far and my father made sure to tell this to me many times to try to dissuade me from believing he is a narrow-minded bigot.  Not that the fact that he actually felt like he needed to tell me this is evidence itself of the bigotry, but whatever.  It also doesn’t help when he ends the story with “Well, at least they are friendly drug dealers.”  [insert animated eye roll with slow head shaking here]  So, he wants to start looking at houses.  In the same neighborhood.  3 blocks away.  Umm, OK.  Since he won’t admit that at least part of his motivation is not because of preconceptions of his new neighbors, he’s planting it firmly on not wanting to clean the house anymore.  I don’t think he gets a couple things about this whole transaction – first, it will cost thousands of dollars to move to a new house, and second, he could hire a cleaning service for those thousands of dollars.

Dad also has that girlfriend, Linny.  A small part of me suspects there is talk of moving in together and that maybe she doesn’t want to live in my mother’s house.  That’s fair enough.  But geeze, just be honest with me, Dad.  I’m a big girl.

But besides that it was a good visit.  We saw my grandparents, and it was fun watching my dad and brother hang out with my kids.


Missing: Part 2

So.  At the indirect behest of some friends – not because they told me I should but because I’ve heard them for like, ever, talk about how awesome the A&E Pride & Prejudice miniseries is, I decided to rent it from Netflix.

It came up in the queue, and finally I got both of the discs in the mail.  Well, given we are not the most organized of families, and I don’t have the most airtight brain most days… disc 2 has gone missing.

No fear in me, I watched disc 1 tonight, anyway.  And it’s been good so far!  Disc 1 ends right where Eliza tells off Mr. Darcy after he proposes to her.  My logic going into the whole bright idea of watching disc 1 when disc 2 was MIA was that, well, I didn’t plan to watch disc 2 for a couple days, and certainly with a little gumption I could find disc 2.

Well, I got sucked into disc 1.  I want to watch disc 2 NOW.

However, after over an hour of looking, and putting Frank to work to search with me, we have come up empty-handed.  I know it arrived.  And I have a fleeting memory in my brain of setting it somewhere.  One of those, a-ha! moments, as in “A-ha!  I’ll put this here and I’m sure to remember where it is when I need it later.”  Except now I don’t remember where that brilliant of all places happens to be.

But then I’m thinking maybe that a-ha moment was with disc 1 (which I found right where I knew it would be) and maybe disc 2 got put someplace in a moment of mayhem – the type of mayhem that only two small children can create – and it might not be found for weeks.  Or months.  Or ever.

So, I sit here, feeling impotent at the failings of my own memory, and our general lack of organization.  And really, really just feeling sad and incomplete because I really want to watch the second disc.