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RIP Heath

So, Heath Ledger died and this certainly isn’t breaking news for anyone at this point.

I’ve been pretty bummed about it. I have really enjoyed every movie I have seen him in. He really does did troubled and brooding and passionate better than just about anyone. The Patriot? Amazing. Brokeback Mountain? Intense. Monster’s Ball? Oh. My. Goodness. Jawdropping.

But — and this is both embarrassing and liberating to admit — I do think my favorite movie of his was 10 Things I Hate About You. It came out in 1999 and I was 23 then; pretty much past the target demographic that the movie was going after. But it was such a well-done teen angst love story. The script was smart and funny and the cast was awesome. How can you not love a guidance counselor writing a steamy romance novel and asking students for synonyms?? Larry Miller as the dad? Hilarious! All the Shakespeare stuff? Super! And Heath? Gorgeous and charming and practically elegant in all his brooding, intense glory. I couldn’t watch the movie on a leather couch for fear of sliding right off.

It seems trite and silly to jabber on that he would have been an iconic actor, how the world will miss him. He was one artist in a sea of many. But to me, he stood out, and I am sad he is gone.

Now, please, can someone make sure Jake Gyllentaal takes care of himself for the next 40 years? I need my eye candy!


Oh, this isn’t good

Arctic ice-cap melting faster than anyone predicted

This whole climate change really has me freaked out and sad and just feeling so impotent.  So often it feels like the changes that could make any sort of difference are so expensive and lofty and I just don’t want it to all be so hard!

I came across an article that sums up pretty well the feelings.  Basically, there’s a grief process that goes along with accepting climate change.  I feel like I’m right in the middle of it.

But I’m trying, I really am.  We bought reusable grocery bags for shopping, and we buy biodegradable pooper-scooper bags for cleaning up after Bailey, our golden retriever.  Frank’s next car will nearly certainly be a hybrid, assuming we can put off buying a different car for him for at least a couple years and can find a good deal on a used one.

But reading that whole arctic ice-cap thing has me really bummed, especially because I love polar bears.  Who wouldn’t love polar bears?!?  They are fluffy and cute and they could rip your heart out with one swipe of a paw.  They are magnificent.

As you may or may not be aware, polar bears need ice.  Without the Arctic Ocean all frozen and stuff, their hunting territory shrinks.  They cannot hunt.  And they die.

So I am left to wonder — what can I do, TOMORROW, to help the polar bears?  Something small, something fairly effortless, something tangible but without hardship?  Let’s see.  I know, I’ll lower my thermostat.  It’s chilly in these parts, but surely I can survive with my house’s thermostat at 66 tomorrow instead of 68.  If we get cold, we own sweaters.  And I was thinking of going to the mall anyway, as it is the last day of Old Navy’s killer post-holiday 75% off clearance sale, so if we go, I will be sure to lower the thermostat all the way down to 60.

I know it’s small.  I wish it could be bigger.  But I am but one person and for tomorrow, this is my best.

RIP Benazir

I’m so incredibly bummed about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.  It shocked me, nearly as much as any news story can manage.  I read the story on CNN.com with my mouth agape.  I guess mostly because it’s such a violent, awful end to what seemed like such a possibility of hope for Pakistan.  I’d been following her return to the political landscape of that country, and it was inspiring.  She brought a sense of hope and optimism to a place that seemed, for a long while, to need it a great deal.

Plus, she was a woman on the political forefront in a pretty major country.  That’s inspiring, regardless.  I mean, if a woman can lead a country like Pakistan, there just might be hope to someday have a US president that isn’t a male WASP.

Heh, two political-ish posts in one day… I promise this probably will not be the norm.