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What is it with men and shoes?

Frank owns three pairs of work shoes: an everyday black pair, and everyday brown pair, and a dressier black pair that he can wear with suits.

His brown pair, oh they have seen better days.  We can’t pin it down exactly but we are pretty sure he bought them at least five years ago, maybe six or seven.  So we went to the mall yesterday to get him a pair of shoes.  We went to DSW Shoe Warehouse.  (I do love that store.  I wear size 11 shoes, and it ain’t always easy to find shoes in that size.  DSW and Nordstrom’s are the only places I have decent luck.  Online, too, but online lacks the tactile satisfaction and instant gratification of bricks-and-mortar shoe shopping.)

We found a pair of brown Eccos.  Really nice looking, Frank reported they were very comfortable.  They were $120 and he scoffed.  I explained to him some basic shoe logic — they are an investment of sorts – if wears them for three years, that is only $40 a year.  This seemed to thwart his initial knee-jerk OMG reaction and he carried the box with him as he tried on other shoes.

Then I showed him the clearance section in the back, and his eyes lit up.  Bargains!  He was beside himself with glee.  To his credit, he persevered through, and found a clearance pair of Bostonians, which he liked nearly as much as the Eccos, on clearance for $47.

He has seriously needed a new pair of brown shoes for a year.  He could have gotten a new pair two years ago.  I think he wore the old pair to work today, even though he brought the new ones home yesterday.

He criticizes me for having too many shoes, for having shoes I don’t need.  I would argue he has a related affliction — he gets too attached to the shoes he already owns.

I’m not frugal

I know a few people who are awesome at frugality.

I’m not.

I can take advantage of a good deal with the best of them, for sure.  I buy in bulk when prudent.  I only buy cereal on sale.  I try to buy most of my produce at our local produce mart, which is not only cheaper but has better quality stuff.

Someone smart told me that even rich people can get on a budget.  Not that I’m rich, but I should probably do the budget thing.  As I’ve mentioned before, I recently quit my 9-5, well-paying, Fortune 100 company career/job/lifestyle and am staying home with my two babes.  It’s wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for a second.  But we’re shopping for a house, and even with the help promised by my in-laws to buy one, the one we’re looking at, right next door to my in-laws’ house (oh and that is a post in itself)… the cost of it is giving me heart palpitations.  We’ll have a serious hunk of our monthly income going toward housing costs.  Vacations will not be an option over the next couple years unless someone (a.k.a. my in-laws) picks up the tab.  My husband’s moving up in the actuary world and the truth of the matter is that in a few years, the house that gives me palpitations will most likely be quite affordable then.  But for some time, it’s going to be tight.  I may have to pick up a part-time gig to help.  But I’ll definitely need to budget, and rein in my spending.  I like to shop.  I often need to shop, as I have two kids that grow like weeds, it seems.

Jake didn’t get into 12 month sized clothes that long ago, and damned if he isn’t already showing signs of outgrowing some of the stuff already.  Normally this would have me dropping a couple hundred dollars in the nearest Old Navy… not this time!  My PaidTwice pal would be proud… I found two lots of clothes on eBay, that will essentially clothe him for the entire summer, including swimsuits but not including pajamas,  for a grand total including shipping of $36.  Not shabby… and neither are the clothes.  They don’t even look used.

I’ve done used clothes off eBay before, but I need to do it more.  I also have to check out the consignment store circuit in our area and see what deals are to be had.  I simply can’t afford to drop serious coin on kids’ clothes any longer… not if we are going to live in the house we want to live in.