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New baby and the rapture

I spent yesterday and today a couple hundred miles north of home, doting on my friends Amanda and Dave and their new baby, Irene.

Oh my gosh.  Irene is just beautiful!  And sooooo tiny!  But no tinier than either of my babies were; I can barely believe that my kids were that small once.  They are all doing great, and I had a really, really great visit.  And, I got to sleep a solid seven hours straight without being woken up by a toddler or a preschooler or a snoring husband or a wacky dog.  That in itself was worth the trip.  🙂

As I drove home tonight, I was flipping through radio stations and came across some guy talking about the rapture.  It turns out, according to this guy, that it will be on May 21, 2011.  I wasn’t aware they’d picked a date.  So mark your calendars.  If for no other reason, to know when the crazies are going to start coming out of the woodwork.  I wonder, on the day the rapture is supposed to happen and having advanced knowledge, will people who believe it’s coming still go about their normal business, or will they wait in their houses or churches?  Because I’m thinking,  seeing as I’m not exactly god-fearing, it would be a GREAT day to run errands if all the Christians are going to stay home.


Sesame Place, Day 1

We got to Pennsylvania at about 2:00 p.m.  It was expected to be really rainy, so we’d sort of planned to play the afternoon by ear.  We could maybe go down to Philly and check out the art museum, or a cool children’s museum called the Please Touch Museum.  Or we could take advantage of the hotel pool for the afternoon, or hit the local mall and just stroll around.  Options abounded.  But once we got here, our room was not yet ready, and the rain seemed to be holding off for the afternoon, so since we have season’s passes we headed over to Sesame Place for a couple hours.  The kids got to go on every ‘dry’ ride once, we saw the Abby Cadabby show, and Lane got to hug Zoe and Baby Bear and Grover.  Just a generally smilific afternoon.  (And, let it be noted, you may only use the word “smilific” if you’ve spend the day in a place like Sesame Place.)

Then we came and checked into the hotel around 5:00, met up with Dave & Renee and the twins, who are in the adjoining room, so we got to enjoy a few minutes of toddler & preschooler screeches as they scurried through the adjoining room doors and discover the identical rooms on each side.

Once the novelty of the screeches abated, we headed out to dinner.  In some crazy hallucinogenic state we decided to take the whole crew to TGI Friday’s for dinner.  Yep, four adults and four short people.

Actually, it was good.  Once we sat down.  The restaurant’s promise of a 30 minute wait somehow became nearly 70 minutes, and if you’ve ever tried to entertain four very short people for that long just outside a TGI Friday’s…. well, it ain’t no picnic that’s for darn tootin’.  But once we were inside, we got the kids their food stat, ours came shortly after, we actually enjoyed a bit of adult conversation (smattered with the occasional talking-by-spelling-and-acronyms that seems to happen more as your kids get old enough to hear you speak a hundred words and zero in on the only word you don’t ever want them to repeat, EVER).

After that, we got a quickie dessert a la the McDonald’s drive-thru, and are now on to the oh-so-tantalizing fiasco that is Putting The Kids To Sleep In A Strange Place.  Has anyone figured this out?  Because I sure haven’t.  Right now it is after midnight and both kids are still awake, which on a normal night actually isn’t that obscene for our family, but they were up earlier than normal this morning and had a pretty busy day.  Naturally it doesn’t help that right after dinner, during the three minutes I ran into Target to get a couple snacks and a couple drinks that Frank let Jake fall asleep in the car.  Nor does it help that when I wanted to start bedtime, despite strong suggestions from me that Frank postpone or relocate such activity, that Frank insisted on studying in the room with a light on.  Can you tell I’m trying to pin this all on Frank??!  Well, I am.  I mean, come on.  Help me out a little here, dude.

So a bit ago, I literally threw up my arms in exasperation, gave both kids to Frank, and am sitting here on the hotel’s WiFi writing this and stewing in my own annoyance.  And Frank’s getting frustrated with the whole situation because he’s now personally vested in trying to get them to sleep.  Imagine that.

Assuming any of us get any sleep tonight, tomorrow should be a day filled with rides and water slides and lunch with the Sesame Street characters and hopefully more smilificness and not so much of oh-my-gosh-these-exhausted-kids-are-making-me-craziness.


Tired…… soooo tired………

Went to bed right after my post last night. Jake woke up about 12 seconds afterwards. Got him back to sleep, and Lane woke up. Got her back to sleep, slept maybe 30 minutes, (I think in there Frank tried getting randy on me and I may or may not have elbowed him in the jaw) and then Jake woke up again, at like 5:00 a.m., at which point I brought him to bed with me.

Then he decided 6:45 a.m. was just a delightful time to be up for the day.

Oh my goodness. No human should have to try to function on this little sleep.

So, Lane’s still sleeping, Frank’s hitting snooze on his alarm clock as I type, and Jake’s in here with me looking at a brochure for Sesame Place. And the most insane part of the whole thing is I’m actually considering throwing some workout clothes on and heading to the gym, just to make the early wake-up worthwhile. I’ve set a goal to work out 3x a week, and so far this week I’ve done good. There’s a lake near my house with a 3-mile path around it, and Monday and Wednesday were so nice, I took the kids around it each day in the double jogger, right at Jake’s naptime so he got in a good nap and I got a good workout.

OK, I’ve talked myself into it. I’m going to the gym.

Permitted mayhem

After my last post, I tried to make up for my ‘stellar’ evening with the kids, so we did some finger painting.

But once we were done on the paper, I let the kids paint each other a bit.  And I put a big handprint on each of their bellies.

Then, bathtime.  🙂

Once Jake was asleep, Lane and I busted out the Wii and Mario Kart, and many giggles were had as we worked the steering wheel together and tried to avoid crashing into walls.

Now they are both asleep (as they should be at 2 a.m.) and I think in the mommy department, overall, I came out ahead.

Our children are nocturnal

Tapeta lucidum and all!  (OK, not really.)
Jake decided 7:00 pm. was a good time for a nap.  He took a long-ish nap in the early afternoon, so I thought today would be a one-nap day.  (Most days are two-nap days.  But not all days.)  And now, it’s a bit after midnight and he just will not fall asleep.  And I can’t say I’ve tried very hard, but when you do the sure-fire things like lay in bed with him and nurse in a dark, quiet bedroom and every two minutes he pops up and starts giggling hysterically and shows absolutely no sign of needing sleep, like, ever, you kind of throw in the towel on the effort pretty quickly.

So now he’s up, waddling around the living room while Frank watches whatever he’s watching, eating Goldfish and saying “Dog” over and over again.  Oh, and the giggling too.   The nonstop, joyous, beautiful, endearing, adorable giggling.  I only wish I sort of didn’t know the giggling meant he is nowhere near tired.

The unfortunate bit is that Lane has already been asleep for two hours.  I swear each week these two make a schedule.  “Ok, Jake, you want to stay up late Tuesday and Thursday, and I’ll cover Monday, Wednesday, Friday?  Sounds good!  Go Team!”

I always knew he could do it

(Preface: right now in our temp apartment, we are all sharing a bedroom. Lane’s bed, our bed, and Jake’s crib are all resident in one bedroom.  It’s not ideal, but it’s working well enough, and it’s slightly pertinent to this post to I wanted to make sure you knew.)

I’m sick.  Not like at-death’s-door sick, but death-sent-me-an-email sick.  A bit of nausea (and a lot of revisiting the slice of pizza I had for lunch) and chilly like crazy.  Our thermostat is at 69 and I’m still sitting here in fuzzy pants and slippers and the coziest biggest thickest sweater I own, plus I have a down blanket wrapped around me.  Digestively, something is… happening.  I’m not sure what but my imagination is running rampant and I will spare you the details of that.

I always do Jake’s bedtime.  Always.  The boy is a boob fanatic, and has always nursed to sleep.  Lately though, there’s been a willingness on his part to lay in his crib after nursing and not (constantly) scream his head off.  We have a very flat pillow in there, and I’ve found that rubbing the pillow seems to settle him and convince him it’s a great thing to put his head on.  And, in the absence of most other noise he’ll drift off to sleep.

So, ‘upgrading’ my illness to death-called-and-we-chatted-awhile, I laid a bit of a guilt trip on Frank and he mostly took care of parenting this evening.  He gave Lane a bath after she had a poop accident (because watching Sleeping Beauty with a small interruption is worse than poop in your pants?  I don’t get that) and then I nursed Jake while Lane got her bedtime stories, put him in his crib, and promptly told Frank to take over.

And lo and behold, sleep was achieved… by all of them.  Frank included.

Something to Say

As in, “I wish I had…”

But alas, most of yesterday and today I have had zero inspiration to write more then 20 words about anything.  So let me give you a few 20-odd-word snippets of thought tumbling about in my brain.

Christmas Tree Shops ran out of loveseat slipcovers.  This really disappointed me.  They were cheap and I need slipcovers.  Our couch & loveseat are in need of a good slipcovering.

I’m supposed to be at the in-laws’ right now for dinner, but sent the kids & husband over while I did the previously-mentioned errand.  I’ll leave to go there soon.

I am at a point where I would seriously pay upwards of hundreds of dollars for my son to sleep through the night.  But not yet at a point where I want to night wean him to accomplish that.

Peeps are yummy.

I might be getting a part time job.  Not because I need it, but because I want to.  More details as I feel like talking about it.

Eh, I guess that’s it.  I should head over the to in-laws’ before they eat dinner without me.