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Well, that was disappointing

Our weather forecast said 5-8 inches of snow.

I can still see grass in spots.  Guess it stayed just a little too warm recently.  No snow stickage.  It was really trying before I went to bed, I was optimistic.  Alas it was not to be.

So now I’m jealous of, it seems, everyone else who actually got all the snow they were supposed to.  No fair!!

It’s been a social weekend

As reported earlier, we had lots of plans this weekend.

Friday night we had dinner at Frank’s aunt & uncle’s house to celebrate his uncle’s 77th birthday. Frank’s parents were also there. It was fun for me because it was enough people to pass around Jake that I didn’t have to supervise him much, but it wasn’t as much fun because when I was supervising him, he was constantly drawn to the oodles of knick-knacks all right at baby level, or the completely open stairs (their house is a raised ranch). But all in all a good time with wonderful people.

Saturday we spent the day in Connecticut, visiting our friends Dave & Renee, and their twins who are nearly two. Their daughters are wicked cute and sweet and are just the right age in between Jake and Lane that Lane could have fun playing with them, and Jake didn’t get bullied by them, mostly, and all of Dave & Renee’s toys were age-appropriate for both my kids. 😀 We had pizza and wings and Mike’s Hard Lemonade and just sat around and played with kids all day. Again, a good time with wonderful people.

Today we went to the in-laws’ for dinner. Frank invariably ends up trying to fix something on their computer for them. Today, it was getting the new record-player-that-also-hooks-to-your-computer, so-you-can-make-MP3s-from-old-records working properly for them. We also had a Candy Land marathon… oh, me and/or my mother-in-law must have played two dozen games with Lane. She loved it though. (For anyone potentially in the market, Target has the Dora the Explorer version of Candy Land at 75% off – or at least they did two days ago. My Target had dozens of them they were trying to offload.)

We’re usually not nearly this social. 🙂 It’s been a really fun weekend, but I’m a little drained. I need to go to bed.

But, I’m like a little kid — we are expected to get quite a bit of snow in these parts, and it’s already started. I love weather. Hopefully it will be voluminous enough and fluffy enough that it will mean lots of play time for Lane and me. Yay!!

Lovely Weather

Christmas is coming, and there are no signs of a white Christmas for us. Bummer, because I love white Christmases. Sure there’s snow on the ground NOW — but given our forecast for the next couple days of rain and temperatures just too warm for this time of year, I don’t see it happening.

So yes, we are a Christmas celebrating bunch. But for my nuclear family, it is entirely in the secular sense and the secular sense only. My husband and I both independently came to the conclusion sometime not long after being married in a Catholic wedding mass that neither of us really believed any of the Catholic doctrine… and general belief in any sort of god at all? Yeah, not there either. He describes himself as agnostic, I prefer “secular humanist” because it sounds all official… and, well, the Affirmations of Humanism just perfectly capture my faith in mankind and hopes for the world.

That said, we still have a tree, we still have stockings, Santa is coming, the goose is getting fat, etc. etc. We don’t go to mass, but I still sing carols like “Angels We Have Heard On High” and “O Holy Night” at the top of my lungs in the car because dammit, I like them. And I wish there would be snow. Not too much, because after all we are driving to Buffalo Christmas night (as in we are departing at like 10:00 p.m. — we’ve found it is sooooo much easier to make a 6 hour drive when the 3 year-old and the 9 month-old – wait, oh dear, he’s 10 months today; how did that happen?!? – sleep through the entire car trip, which can only reasonably be expected to happen at night. The hubby and I are both night owls, so driving and staying up until 4:00 a.m. instead of our normal 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. isn’t a huge stretch. Coffee helps.

I just have to remember to bring my pump this time. The baby still nurses 2-100 times a night, and my boobs went up like four cup sizes and doused me in the mother-of-all-letdowns the last time we did the drive overnight.