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When was the last time you…

We go to Target a lot. Today our main purpose was to buy ‘safe’ sandals for Lane – ones where her toes are covered, to keep her feet a little safer for things like playgrounds and playdates. We left without sandals (they had a suitable style but not in Lane’s size) but we did leave with pop and a box thing for our TV remotes and a nunchuk for our Wii and some clearance baby food and other assorted things.

We’ve sort of fallen into a tradition of sorts at this Target. I’m not sure how it happened. We park really far away from the door, ostensibly so I can get a few more steps into my day. Then, on the way back to the car, Lane sits in the main compartment of the shopping cart, and as safety allows, I run. I go fast, and take turns nearly sharp enough that it feels to Lane like we might tip over (of course, it’s not really THAT fast and THAT sharp… she gets thrills when we go downhill in the car, after all). If I can get a good straightaway, I run really hard, then step up on the back of the cart and ride myself for a few yards. And it’s fun! Lane loves it, I get a kick out of it, and Jake’s even starting to enjoy it.

It’s really amazing how having kids around gives you a pass to act all goofy like that. I find I take advantage of it more and more. When you have a kid around you can do things like:

  • Run for the sheer joy of it — not to burn calories or train for a race or get in shape — rather, simply, for the feel of the wind on your face and the thrill of hearing your heart beat in your ears
  • Twirl around for absolutely no reason, other than because it feels funny to get dizzy
  • Blow bubbles
  • Touch a worm – or even better, pick a worm off the driveway after a rain and put him back on the grass, and talk to him while you do it
  • Dance like a complete insane person
  • Sing songs in the middle of anywhere like “I caught a little baby bumblebee…”
  • Watch ants walk around and work

It’s sort of weird how you get to your teenage years, and we all go through this period of conformity (well, I guess some people don’t). You work extra hard to appear in charge, in control. It’s good training for adulthood, I suppose, a territory where you’re not supposed to ever appear TOO happy or TOO joyful or TOO elated. Kids give you such a great excuse to break those barriers, to abandon that conformist adult behavior, even if only for the length of time it takes you to get to your car at Target.

It’s been a social weekend

As reported earlier, we had lots of plans this weekend.

Friday night we had dinner at Frank’s aunt & uncle’s house to celebrate his uncle’s 77th birthday. Frank’s parents were also there. It was fun for me because it was enough people to pass around Jake that I didn’t have to supervise him much, but it wasn’t as much fun because when I was supervising him, he was constantly drawn to the oodles of knick-knacks all right at baby level, or the completely open stairs (their house is a raised ranch). But all in all a good time with wonderful people.

Saturday we spent the day in Connecticut, visiting our friends Dave & Renee, and their twins who are nearly two. Their daughters are wicked cute and sweet and are just the right age in between Jake and Lane that Lane could have fun playing with them, and Jake didn’t get bullied by them, mostly, and all of Dave & Renee’s toys were age-appropriate for both my kids. 😀 We had pizza and wings and Mike’s Hard Lemonade and just sat around and played with kids all day. Again, a good time with wonderful people.

Today we went to the in-laws’ for dinner. Frank invariably ends up trying to fix something on their computer for them. Today, it was getting the new record-player-that-also-hooks-to-your-computer, so-you-can-make-MP3s-from-old-records working properly for them. We also had a Candy Land marathon… oh, me and/or my mother-in-law must have played two dozen games with Lane. She loved it though. (For anyone potentially in the market, Target has the Dora the Explorer version of Candy Land at 75% off – or at least they did two days ago. My Target had dozens of them they were trying to offload.)

We’re usually not nearly this social. 🙂 It’s been a really fun weekend, but I’m a little drained. I need to go to bed.

But, I’m like a little kid — we are expected to get quite a bit of snow in these parts, and it’s already started. I love weather. Hopefully it will be voluminous enough and fluffy enough that it will mean lots of play time for Lane and me. Yay!!