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Tired…… soooo tired………

Went to bed right after my post last night. Jake woke up about 12 seconds afterwards. Got him back to sleep, and Lane woke up. Got her back to sleep, slept maybe 30 minutes, (I think in there Frank tried getting randy on me and I may or may not have elbowed him in the jaw) and then Jake woke up again, at like 5:00 a.m., at which point I brought him to bed with me.

Then he decided 6:45 a.m. was just a delightful time to be up for the day.

Oh my goodness. No human should have to try to function on this little sleep.

So, Lane’s still sleeping, Frank’s hitting snooze on his alarm clock as I type, and Jake’s in here with me looking at a brochure for Sesame Place. And the most insane part of the whole thing is I’m actually considering throwing some workout clothes on and heading to the gym, just to make the early wake-up worthwhile. I’ve set a goal to work out 3x a week, and so far this week I’ve done good. There’s a lake near my house with a 3-mile path around it, and Monday and Wednesday were so nice, I took the kids around it each day in the double jogger, right at Jake’s naptime so he got in a good nap and I got a good workout.

OK, I’ve talked myself into it. I’m going to the gym.


Our children are nocturnal

Tapeta lucidum and all!  (OK, not really.)
Jake decided 7:00 pm. was a good time for a nap.  He took a long-ish nap in the early afternoon, so I thought today would be a one-nap day.  (Most days are two-nap days.  But not all days.)  And now, it’s a bit after midnight and he just will not fall asleep.  And I can’t say I’ve tried very hard, but when you do the sure-fire things like lay in bed with him and nurse in a dark, quiet bedroom and every two minutes he pops up and starts giggling hysterically and shows absolutely no sign of needing sleep, like, ever, you kind of throw in the towel on the effort pretty quickly.

So now he’s up, waddling around the living room while Frank watches whatever he’s watching, eating Goldfish and saying “Dog” over and over again.  Oh, and the giggling too.   The nonstop, joyous, beautiful, endearing, adorable giggling.  I only wish I sort of didn’t know the giggling meant he is nowhere near tired.

The unfortunate bit is that Lane has already been asleep for two hours.  I swear each week these two make a schedule.  “Ok, Jake, you want to stay up late Tuesday and Thursday, and I’ll cover Monday, Wednesday, Friday?  Sounds good!  Go Team!”

Why does this not surprise me

My kids are both asleep.  Before 11:00 p.m.

Yes… THAT is surprising.

But, once they were both confirmed asleep, I go to find my hubby to tell him the good news, maybe canoodle on the couch a little, and HE is asleep, too.

I may never get laid again.

Sleep, sleep! My kingdom for some sleep!

This is really starting to take its toll.

I’ve mentioned previously, my daughter is a night owl.  Often she isn’t asleep until 1:00 or 2:00 a.m.  Rare is the night she’s asleep before midnight.

Bedtime is a struggle and it gets me keyed up.  By the time I’m ready to fall asleep, Jake (the 10 month-old) is up to nurse.  I’m clearly not getting enough solids in him because he’s up way too much to nurse, in my foolhardy opinion.  But these days he’s only mildly interested in baby food, preferring foods he can feed himself.  But those end up more on him than in him.  And the cycle continues.

So, I’m up with him, as I’ve said, somewhere between two and a hundred times a night.   And then they are both ready for the day around 11:00 a.m., which is late enough for me to get a fair night’s sleep usually, but not nearly enough to feel well-rested, especially since Jake’s up so often.

I probably really need to just yank Lane out of bed at 8:00 a.m. a couple mornings in a row and get her shifted to a different schedule.  I just so do not have the willpower to get myself up to do it… and the cycle continues.  I really shouldn’t have the audacity to bitch about it when I could probably fix it with a little effort (and a lot of coffee).

Regardless, I’m tired.