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German engineering for dorks

I am more than just a little giddy that Volkswagen has started making a minivan.  I had a VW Cabrio in grad school/until I had a kid and it was by far the awesomest car I’ve owned.  Now, I’ll concede… before that I drove used Fords, and after that I now drive a Honda Odyssey.  So it’s not like I’ve got tons of comparison cars in my arsenal.  But that was a great car.  Mechanically it barely gave me a problem in the six years I owned it.  It handled beautifully.  It was comfortable, even for a tiny little convertible.  It was a stick shift, and it was definitely the smoothest manual transmission I’ve driven (out of the four or five I have any in-depth experience with). And there were the little things… like the windshield washer reservoir held exactly one gallon of windshield washer fluid, so you didn’t have 1/5 full bottles of washer fluid laying around.

Anyway, the Odyssey is only five years old and I expect to drive it for a few more years.  (Though, it’s the older model, and our neighbors have the newer model, which has a lot of little features I really wish mine had, like a split rear folding seat, a sunroof, and middle windows that roll down… I’m tempted to see how much it would cost to trade my 2003 model for a 2005 model.)  But, when I really and truly am in need of a new minivan (and I LOVE driving a minivan… though I could conceivably switch back to a convertible, I LOVED driving my convertible) I’m really psyched there will be a VW option.  🙂