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Re: the waffle iron

Yes, we will naturally get a new waffle iron.

We are going to give the model that died on us another chance.  We’ll get it through Costco again. (and would have already but our store didn’t have them in stock.  Frank’s going to check the Costco by his work, and if that comes up empty we’ll buy from the website.)  And, if it dies again, at least we know we won’t have trouble returning it.

And should it die again, we’ve decided we just must be waffle iron abusers, and perhaps we need to upgrade to a sturdier, more hard-core machine.  If such measures are necessary, we’ll be trading up for this sucker.  I have a little trouble stomaching shelling out $200 for such a one-purpose appliance…. but then at the same time, we use our waffle iron more than we use many of our multi-purpose appliances, like our blender.  And this one makes two waffles at once.  Oh, the humanity!  It just doesn’t get any better than that.  At least when it comes to waffles.