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So that’s why it’s important to check the weather forecast

Yesterday, it got up above 60 degrees here. I opened a couple windows and the front door and the sun was out and warm and I said, all right, let’s pack it up and go to the playground!

Well, by the time we roll up to the playground there’s some cloud cover closing in, but it’s still nice and warm so I figure, so what? I put Jake in the sling and walked circles around the playground while Lane ran around and climbed stuff. Clouds not going away, Lane asks to go on the swings. OK.

I get her and Jake each in a toddler swing. Lane can handle the big-kid swings but she likes to go high (and let go with her hands – the girl is a thrill junkie!) and if I’m going to push her that high, well, maybe this summer she can move up to the big kid swings. Anyway, they have been swinging for a couple minutes and a few drops start. I announce, “Lane, it’s starting to rain, just another minute and then if it hasn’t stopped we have to go.” A couple minutes go by and it’s still just a super light drizzle, but maybe coming just a touch heavier than when it started, so just as I open my mouth to announce our departure, the sky opens on us. Just crazy downpour. There were a bunch of people at the park taking advantage of the weather so everyone is making a beeline for their cars at the same time. I have to get both kids out of the swings first, and of course the swings are the farthest point from the parking lot in the park. And Lane, who’ll run nearly as fast as me for most anything else, decides that a light jog to the car in this downpour is sufficient.

We were drenched!! Well, me mostly. Jake and Lane each had on their spring jackets which are at least water resistant, complete with hoods. But even then, it was pretty funny.