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Tired…… soooo tired………

Went to bed right after my post last night. Jake woke up about 12 seconds afterwards. Got him back to sleep, and Lane woke up. Got her back to sleep, slept maybe 30 minutes, (I think in there Frank tried getting randy on me and I may or may not have elbowed him in the jaw) and then Jake woke up again, at like 5:00 a.m., at which point I brought him to bed with me.

Then he decided 6:45 a.m. was just a delightful time to be up for the day.

Oh my goodness. No human should have to try to function on this little sleep.

So, Lane’s still sleeping, Frank’s hitting snooze on his alarm clock as I type, and Jake’s in here with me looking at a brochure for Sesame Place. And the most insane part of the whole thing is I’m actually considering throwing some workout clothes on and heading to the gym, just to make the early wake-up worthwhile. I’ve set a goal to work out 3x a week, and so far this week I’ve done good. There’s a lake near my house with a 3-mile path around it, and Monday and Wednesday were so nice, I took the kids around it each day in the double jogger, right at Jake’s naptime so he got in a good nap and I got a good workout.

OK, I’ve talked myself into it. I’m going to the gym.

Mission accomplished, mostly

Well out of the four bullets in my previous post, I got all four done.  Whoo hoo!

I did the Kathy Smith kickboxing workout.  (that link goes to the new version on DVD, that combines the VHS kickboxing I have with another workout, two workouts in one!!)  It’s such a good barometer for if I’m in shape.  When I was running walking/jogging regularly, I could do that video no problem.  Oh, I worked up a sweat and my heartrate got up, but I didn’t get completely out of breath and barely get my last kicks of a series off the ground.  Like happened today.

Took a long shower, took time to appreciate that our apartment came with a handheld shower head.  Picked out a cake and icing recipe and did the grocery shopping to get the few things I needed.  Forgot my wallet in the car and had to run to get it while I was getting checked out.  Fun times!

I didn’t wrap Jake’s presents — I forgot to put that on my four-point bullet list in the last post and thus it did not make it onto my mental bullet list.  Ooops.