Executive Experience: Is it important?

With all this talk of how important “executive experience” is lately, I decided to take a closer look. I mean, never mind that John McCain doesn’t have this “executive experience” that everyone touts for Sarah Palin… but Obama and Biden don’t have it, and isn’t that’s what’s important?!?!

I’m really, truly, honestly trying to be impartial, because I’m genuinely curious. Click the links below to see what I’m finding out about past Presidents!!

The rules, and Washington through Madison

Monroe through Jackson

Van Buren though Tyler

Polk though Fillmore

Pierce through Lincoln

Andrew Johnson and Ulysses Grant

Hayes through Cleveland (first term)

Harrison through Wilson

Harding through FDR

Truman through JFK

LBJ through GWB (43)



One response to “Executive Experience: Is it important?

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