They won! They won!

The Giants won the Super Bowl!!!!!1!!eleventy!1!

Yeah, I don’t care.

Though Mr. Schmekl above us sure did.  First he celebrated with whoops and hollers, then later that night with a rip-roaring orgasm.  Alone or accompanied, I just cannot say.

I enjoyed the game, I just didn’t care who won.  Part of me was rooting for the Patriots, that whole undefeated-season thing was sort of cool.  Part of me was rooting for the Giants as spoilers.  Then there was that whole Patriots-cheating thing, which makes me want them to not win anything.  But I just really had no strong leaning.
I think I was swayed a bit more to cheer for the Giants seeing Peyton Manning cheering for his little brother in the Big Game.  Nowadays it must be rare for one to attend the other’s games, and it was a lot of fun for me to see the elder Manning getting all riled up as he watched his brother’s successes.  And his failures too, like when the Giants got called for delay of game and Peyton was up in his cushy box doing the little “speed things up” twirly gesture with his hand.

But it was a close game, and that’s always fun.  Too many Super Bowls in recent memory have been complete routs, and to me that’s no fun… unless you’re a fan of the team doing the routing.

As far as the commercials, meh.  I remember chuckling at a couple but overall they were just OK.  What the hell was up with that lizard one for Life Water?  Creepy!


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