Curse thee, CFL light bulbs

Really, I have no problem with CFLs.  I think they’re super.  I want them in every possible light fixture in my house.

Problem is, the light fixtures don’t want them.  The majority of those 30 or so recessed lights in our house were arbitrarily made so that only a light bulb with a narrow neck can be put into it.  Hence, a CFL, with its ballast near the screw cap, is decidedly wider than a regular ol’ incandescent, and won’t fit into these fixtures.  The can lights in my kitchen, they have two little metal tabs near where you screw the light bulb in, that from what I can determine serve no functional purpose for the light whatsoever, except they effectively keep CFLs from being screwed in tight enough to work.  It’s driving me crazy.  Right now I’m facing having to replace at least 15 of the 30 recessed fixtures in my house just so I can get my jollies by putting CFLs in them.  And I haven’t even ventured to try putting CFLs in all of them yet.

And, I have a 3-way torchiere lamp so I bought a 3-way CFL to put in there… and do you think the damned CFL fit in that?  Well, I wouldn’t be complaining if the answer was yes.

I suppose it’s not unexpected.  When most of the can lights were installed in this house, years ago (probably at least 10-15 years ago) who’d seen a CFL except maybe in IKEA, who carried them only because they were so much more common in Europe?  It still is frustrating me like crazy.  Argh!


One response to “Curse thee, CFL light bulbs

  1. We had the same problem — they do sell CFLs that fit (I think they’re called “reflector-type” or something) but they are wicked expensive. But… they do last a long, long time. You know the tradeoffs. I think we (okay, the husband guyfella) bought some at a specialty lighting shop and some online. Best o luck!

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