Does life begin at conception?

I don’t know.

But I have a question for every politico who wants to “protect a baby’s right to life”.

If abortion at some point does become illegal again, does that mean that the government will start issuing social security numbers to every baby as soon as a woman gets a positive pregnancy test?  Do women get to claim miscarriages as dependents for the year in which they were miscarried?   Because if life begins at conception, shouldn’t the tax benefits, too?


4 responses to “Does life begin at conception?

  1. If abortion becomes illegal again, taxes and benefits will be low on my list of concerns. I’ll be busy tantrumming and investigating just how far away I need to move in order to have adequate rights over my own body.

    P.S. Nice blogroll. 🙂

  2. ok this is a interesting topic

    im all for pro choice but a thought occurred to me

    if the scientists call it the life cycle of a plant then surely they believe that the fetus is alive and as such requires legal recognition.

    a mother needs to eat more for the growing fetus they need to take extra vitamins and so on and so forth. and so i think if the government makes it against the law to terminate then they are making the Dependant taxable.

    personally i think the fetus has no rights before it is out after all you as the mother have the right to control what goes in to your body and as such you are required to control what comes out.

  3. neilsilvermankilledourson

    A mother has no more right to kill a child inside of her than a child outside of her. See my blog for an explanation.

  4. Thank you for your opinion, neilsilvermankilledourson. (Quite a moniker you got there!)

    However, you didn’t answer my question.

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