Something to Say

As in, “I wish I had…”

But alas, most of yesterday and today I have had zero inspiration to write more then 20 words about anything.  So let me give you a few 20-odd-word snippets of thought tumbling about in my brain.

Christmas Tree Shops ran out of loveseat slipcovers.  This really disappointed me.  They were cheap and I need slipcovers.  Our couch & loveseat are in need of a good slipcovering.

I’m supposed to be at the in-laws’ right now for dinner, but sent the kids & husband over while I did the previously-mentioned errand.  I’ll leave to go there soon.

I am at a point where I would seriously pay upwards of hundreds of dollars for my son to sleep through the night.  But not yet at a point where I want to night wean him to accomplish that.

Peeps are yummy.

I might be getting a part time job.  Not because I need it, but because I want to.  More details as I feel like talking about it.

Eh, I guess that’s it.  I should head over the to in-laws’ before they eat dinner without me.


One response to “Something to Say

  1. twenty more words just for you.

    christmas tree shops rock.
    slightly stale peeps are yummiest.

    i’m jealous you have both.

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